MBUS LEADS Ramses Terrero Builds a Business and a Passion for Teaching2020-07-11T18:23:46-04:00

As Ramses Terrero, an FIU Architecture alumnus MBUS LEADS ’20 cohort wrote:

In the fall of 2019, I was humbled to receive the opportunity of serving as a Computational Applications in Design professor for the Design and Architecture Senior High. Serving as a guide for two strands: Architecture + Industrial Design. 

Teaching a multiplicity of programs, including 3D modeling workflows (SketchupPro, Rhino 3D, Blender, and Fusion360) along with 2D modelingAutoCAD and Post-Production SoftwarePhotoshop to bring the designs to life.

Throughout this time being quarantined, I believe it was more productive for my course, as I had more freedom and time to organize different 3D Modeling and Visualization Workshops. I typically would schedule 1-2 optional workshops per day, one during the morning and one during the afternoon to better facilitate any inconveniences or personal struggles any student might come across during this new normal. Most of the students would constantly attend at least one, if not both daily workshops to further refine their projects.

I created two different projects per respective strand:

The Architecture Students were tasked with creating a new typology for a micro house unit that can be replicated (like a townhouse). Having a 20’x40’ lot they need to accommodate for basic living commodities as well as implement a “radical” program; such as a nature preserve / aquarium / park / art gallery, ect..

The Industrial Design Students were tasked with choosing an Automotive Brand and creating a new model that will either:

A. Not be a direct competitor for the brand.
B. Create a new typology for the brand / automotive industry.
C. Implement a radical idea in the Automotive Industry.

As my first year of teaching, I could not be more proud and privileged to have a class as driven and ambitious as this one. They have shown me my life’s purpose, to teach.  

Thank you for sharing Ramses!  You embody the CARTA drive to engage and give back!

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