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“As a fan of your work, I was excited when you partnered with FIU to establish the Miami Urban Future Initiative. I felt it was a serious indication of Miami’s newfound commitment to using solid, empirical-based knowledge to further its own global ascendancy during this period of transformative change”

Alex Cardelle, University of Florida with a B.A. magna cum laude in Political Science and Economics & minor in Urban Planning

“Richard Florida’s participation in this year’s World Strategic Forum contributed to an engaging and relevant discussion. His insights were highly valuable to our participants. We received very positive feedback on his panel and thank Richard greatly for his participation.”

Nicholas Rémillard, President & CEO, International Economic Forum of the Americas.

“I have followed your studies and was thrilled to learn that you were going to work under the umbrella of FIU.

Jordana Pomeroy, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU

“Miami does enjoy a gleaming new downtown skyline and a thriving economy, but its prosperity is far from equally shared, the report concludes. Titled “Toward a More Inclusive Region,” it’s co-authored by noted urbanist Richard Florida for the Miami Urban Future Initiative think tank at Florida International University.”

Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald

“The Miami Urban Future Initiative—a policy group backed by the Knight Foundation, Florida International University, and the Creative Class Group—will lead new research and mapping on economic, occupational, creative, and technological assets in Miami.”

ULI Southeast Florida

“Our second annual Signature Speaker Series was a huge success thanks to Richard Florida, whose commentary on the changing urban landscape across South Florida and the nation proved insightful and engaging to our attendees; We look forward to seeing what comes out of his partnership with Florida International University, where he is overseeing the FIU Creative City Initiative and the Miami Urban Future Initiative.”

NAIOP South Florida

“Rockstar academic and a whiz at developing metrics.”

Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald

“Fascinating analysis in the Miami Herald and your report, Miami’s Great Inflection”

Aditya Shah, University of Miami Microbiology & Immunology and Economics

“Thanks for your insightful presentation last Tuesday’s mayor’s luncheon at the Kovens Center at FIU.”

Mark Sell, Biscayne Times

“MUFI’s reports were “required reading” for SPUR prior to our study trip to Miami. The work was a critical part of understanding the opportunities and challenges Miami faces and what lessons we might bring back to the Bay Area. SPUR’s conversation with Richard Florida on Miami’s rise and its possible futures was the highlight of the trip.”

Susannah Parsons, Chief of Staff of SPUR

“Thank you note to Richard Florida for the amazing speech he gave during our GOALS conference!”

Jerry Libbin, President and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you all so much for coming out yesterday evening to share your expertise with the ULI young leaders and others in the room. It was such an amazing event!.”

Melinda Sherwood, Vice President, Kreps DeMaria

“I was thrilled to be part of  the Arts + Entertainment District and the creative class. Terrific group of leaders.”

Kate Stein, WLRN-Miami Herald News

“I  enjoyed the panel discussion and learned from the experience. You were all great.”

Alyce M. Robertson, Executive Director, Miami Downtown Development Authority

“On behalf of ULI, we were thrilled to have such a great event with each of you!  Thanks for your time and expertise.”

Julie Medley, Executive Director, ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean

“Thank you again for a fantastic Keynote! We have received great feedback from our Chamber Leadership and Representatives of our City Government that were present.”

Reinaldo Borges, Miami Beach Chamber Community Goals Conference 2019

“Thank you for an amazing talk and interesting research, Miami is benefiting from your insights.”

William Talbert, President & CEO of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

“It was an honor to be part of such a great panel of innovators and thought leaders. Thank you for including me and Arts Biz.”

Laura Bruney, President & CEO, Arts & Business Council of Miami

“I think FIU’s initiative is important.”

Nir Shoshani, Principal, NR Investments

“I am so happy to know that you are undertaking this endeavor to elevate our community; and, hopefully eventually able to communicate these common goals to the general public.”

Alexander F. Yahr

“It was exciting to see the community, business leaders and stakeholders come together to discuss the future of Miami Beach. Now the real work starts as we identify and start to work on activating these important goals.”

Leila Chang, Event Chair of Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce GOALS Conference

“The Miami Urban Future Initiative aims to [ensure that our decision makers and our community have the information they need to build a more engaging, lasting, inclusive innovation ecosystem] by helping to craft a strategic direction for the city that stirs new ideas, illuminates challenges and opportunities and helps leaders avoid decisions based on outdated assumptions.”

Matt Haggman, Former Miami Program Director for Knight Foundation

“Partnering with Knight Foundation and the Creative Class Group to deliver the work of the Miami Urban Future Initiative is our way of helping to accelerate Miami’s ongoing transformation and create solutions to the challenges facing our region.”

Mark B. Rosenberg, FIU President