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Each year, Miami Urban Future Initiative releases a series of reports on a broad range of topics related to the future of Miami’s economy. The reports benchmark and analyze the Miami metro’s standing in relation to peer cities in the United States and serve as starting points for conversations around Miami’s strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.

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Greater Miami’s Talent Scorecard

Will Miami’s Growth Be Cut Short By Sea-level Rise?

Stuck in Traffic: For Greater Miami to Become a Leading Startup Hub, Better Mobility Is a Must

Toward A More Inclusive Region: Inequality and Poverty in Greater Miami

Miami’s Housing Affordability Crisis

Miami After HQ2

Benchmarking Miami’s Globalization

Benchmarking Miami’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Benchmarking Miami’s Growth and Competitiveness

Benchmarking Miami’s Talent Base

Miami’s New Urban Crisis

MUFI 2017-2018 Reports

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