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Catalina von Wrangell, D.M.A.

Adjunct | Sight Singing



Dr. Wrangell currently teaches the core sight singing sequence in the School of Music at Florida International University working with both major and non-major students.

Fusing a classical background with contemporary sound design practices and poetry, composer Dr. Catalina von Wrangell’s pieces address cultural and social issues through an intimate exploration of audience dynamics and interactions, reaffirming art as a reflection of society. Her works have been performed and exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in South America and Europe. As a performer, she has made appearances as a clarinetist, computer technician, and improviser. As an instructor, Von Wrangell’s pedagogy focuses on awakening students’ curiosity and personal connection to the music. She has taught music history, music business, and composition courses. Most recently, she taught the Frost School of Music’s Music Theory’s Experiential Music Curriculum since its inception. Catalina holds a doctorate in Composition and an MM degree in Digital Arts and Sound Design from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, and an MM in Composition from Florida International University.