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Presented by the festival artists, the MIGF Lectures provide students and all community members opportunities to expand their understanding of a variety of musical subjects. Each lecture is free and open to public. Cihat Askin’s participation is co-sponsored by the Turkish Airlines, Turkish Consulate General in Miami, and FIU Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies.


Cihat Askin will present Modal Systems and Forms in Traditional Turkish Music. He will discuss rhythmic (usûl) and modal (makam) systems in traditional Turkish music (including folk, classical, and sufi music), then, review the basic instrumental and vocal forms. He will demonstrate the major modes (makams) through preludes or interludes (taksims) on the violin. He will discuss the role of improvisation in classical Turkish music, both from compositional and performance perspectives. He will combine these improvisational forms with several composed works by the classical composers written in the style of instrumental forms, such as peshrev and saz semaisi.


The MIGF 2019 Festival continues until February 24th with daily concerts, masterclasses, lectures, and Luthiers Expo. Attend all festival events at a single reduced price!

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