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On Friday, March 31, 2017 CARTA faculty participated in the first CARTA Annual Faculty Retreat where they discussed research trends, grant writing, and external funding sources. The goal of the retreat was to provide faculty with an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on exchanging ideas and preparing grant proposals. A total 40 faculty participated in the event.


Maureen Pelham | Director of Research Development, FIU
Rebecca Friedman | Associate Professor of History, SIPA
Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Research: What is Fundable?

Milton Laufer | CARTA Consultant and Senior Partner-Tacitus International Consulting Group
Local Arts and Arts Education Funding

Rita Teutonico | Associate Dean of Research, CASE
Collaborative Opportunities in Research & Education’

Newton D’Souza | Associate Professor of Interior Design
Concept Mapping

Faculty Retreat Abstracts