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The FIU Music Recording Studio Offers State-of-the-Art Technology to Create, Record, and Produce at the School of Music. 

Herbert and Nicole Wertheim School of Music & Performing Arts’s newly designed recording studio is a state-of-the-art setup ideal for teaching and professional-level production needs. The facility will provide music students with a nurturing, extensive hands-on environment for learning music engineering and recording techniques with industry grade technologies.

The professional Wenger Soundlok ® Control Room comes equipped with a 3D audio setup including the popular Dolby Atmos configurations and other immersive audio technologies that open opportunities with production for VR, movie, gaming, and music artist songs. Students will be able to master any number of recording endeavors including editing, synchronization, mixing, dubbing, and mastering with the extensive collection of software plugins for professional creating tools like Reaper and Pro Tools.

The Integration of audio over IP throughout the School of Music further presents opportunities for learning the live recording techniques that are employed throughout the music industry.

Advanced Tools and Technology

  • Wenger Professional Control Room with a 3D audio setup including the popular Dolby Atmos configurations.

  • Podcasting with a modern radio internet system for a real-life experience hosting a radio talk show

  • Prestigious AD/DA converters and one of the most popular and impactful music mixing consoles in the world.

  • Dolby Atmos and Immersive and Multiformat Audio Systems

  • Professional Studio Software

  • Curve Widescreen Monitor and Computers

  • Professional Microphones

  • Professional Drum Set/Instruments

  • 11 KRK Speakers, Ribbon Speakers, 12 Inch Subwoofer

  • Outboard Effects

For inquiries about the Music Business Program, contact Karen S. Fuller Veloz at