Scholarships & Financial Aid

Welcome to the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim School of Music & Performing Arts Scholarship Assistance Page.

Our School of Music office will provide support to help you achieve your educational aspirations while successfully managing your finances. We are committed to providing you with the best possible financial resources, counseling and customer service throughout your music education.

This website provides an overview of important information specific to financial aid in the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim School of Music & Performing Arts. If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please feel free to contact Jessica Amores Diaz at or 305.348.6183.

Music scholarships are available through audition and are talent-based scholarships.

For some helpful links to scholarship and resources, click here.

“Music is my life. It talks through me; it lives in me. Having a scholarship is reassurance that I am not alone in the pursuit of my dreams as a musician.”

Edgar Sanfeliz-Botta, , Institutional Scholarship

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get more of an education.  I hope it continues so you can help other kids as well.”

Joshiba Jean-Charles, Spector-Lieff Scholarship

“It’s my chance to make a better future for myself without being in a bad financial situation, such as student loan debt, or not attending college at all. Without my scholarship, there would have been no way for me to seek the degree that I am currently pursuing. The scholarship that I currently hold is helping me pave the path towards my goals and future career.”

Jacqueline Hernandez, Institutional Scholarship

“It’s a really good opportunity for a lot of people like me who maybe wouldn’t be able to have experiences like those that I’ve had (performing with the FIU Jazz Big Band at the Adrienne Arsht Center).”

Osvaldo Vargas, Wertheim Scholarship