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FIU Concerto Competition

FIU’s annual concerto competition has been going strong since 1996. Will you be part of the tradition? 

Concerto Competition Information

Concerto Competition Application Deadline

  • Dates announced every year, Competition takes place every November.

General Information

  • The Concerto Competition is open to undergraduate and graduate orchestral instrumentalists, pianists, and singers. Students, in consultation with their professor, should prepare one movement from a concerto or in the case of vocalists an aria or other vocal work.
  • Each winner will be featured as a soloist the FIU Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Winners’ Concert in February.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to provide their own pianist at the audition. A pianist can be provided if requested in the application. Students should bring three copies of a piano reduction of their piece for the audition panel. Auditions will not be heard without adjudicator copies.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must arrange for their own pianist.
  • Auditions will be a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  • All contestants must be prepared to perform at least forty-five (45) minutes before the assigned time.
  • Concerto Competition First Place winners from previous years are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • Alternates from previous years remain eligible.

Past Winners

Past Winners


Edgar Javier Aragon, french horn

Michael Cooley, flute

Jerome McCoy, viola

Catherin Mesa (finalist), soprano


Collegiate Division:   

1st place: Gabriel Freeman, piano

2nd palce: Francesca Rossi, viola

High School Division:

Angelina Ning, piano (American Heritage School)

Sophia Molina, violin (New World School of the Arts)


Collegiate Division:                                                         

Co – 1st place: Vanessa Gentzchein, soprano

Co – 1st place: Alejandro Viera, tenor

2nd place: Francesca Rossi, viola

High School Division:

1st place: Elena Lim, violin

nd place: Valentina Paolucci, violin


Collegiate Division:                                                                            

Co – 1st place: Sinan Cayir, piano

Co – 1st place: Jose Luis Reyes Kapoudjian, violin

High School Division:

1st place: Sophia Torres, viola


Collegiate Division:                                                                            

1st place: Monika Miodragovic, piano

2nd place: Jose Luis Reyes Kapoudjian, violin

3rd place: Vera Garcia, piano

High School Division:

1st place. Benjamin Tillinger, flute

2nd place. Andres Caveda, violin

3rd place.  Laura Liu, viola


1st place: Mariana Yern Corzo, violin

Runner up: Izak Kertznus & Anamaria Martinez, flute

3rd place: Monika Miodragovic, piano


1st place: Laura Martinez Léon, soprano

Runner up: Carlos Serrano, classical guitar


1st place: Celso Cano, classical guitar

Runner up: Carlos Garcia, Bassoon


1st place: Javier Sardiñas, piano

2nd place: Adrian Quesada, piano

3rd place: Usman Peguera, violin


1st place: Luis Urbina, piano

2nd place: Joseph Saenz, flute

3rd place: Michelle Kemp, voice


1st place: Daniel Yellin, Marimba

2nd place: Alexander Sancho, piano


Co – 1st place: Ernesto Fernandez, flute

Co – 1st place: Romel Fuenmajor, violin

Runner up: Jelena Djukié, piano


1st place: Nicole Firretti, voice

2nd place: Alexander Sancho, piano

3rd place: Konstantin Litvinenko, cello


1st place: Hector Hernandez, violin

2nd place: Javier Sardiñas, piano


1st place: Maria Paulina Garcia, piano

2nd place: Akiko Rivera, violin

3rd place: Michael Davis, violin


1st place: Monica Santos, piano

2nd place: Ana Roloff, flute

3rd place: Jonathan Jadvani


1st place: Angelica Sganga, piano

2nd place: Elena Chernova, violin

3rd place: Horby Lopez, Tuba


1st place: Silvije Vidovic, piano

2nd place:Cesar Leal, Sax

3rd place: Joon Ho Min, violin


1st place: Saulo Almeida, cello

2nd place: Alex Revoredo, trumpet


1st place: Hae Jeong Han, violin

2nd place: Michael Harris, piano

3rd place: Julian Santacoloma, clarinet


1st place: Maria-Elaine Gagnon, cello

2nd place: Gretchen Lowery + Angelica Sganga, piano double

3rd place: Pei-Ju Wang, violin


1st place: Felipe Diaz, percussion

2nd place: Marco Pavlovic, piano

3rd place: Misty Lee Moore, voice


1st place:Rosa E. Villar, piano

2nd place: Mariana Carreras, violin

3rd place: I-Ting Chen, cello


1st place: Li-Ju Chen, percussion

2nd place: Manabu Gotoh, violin

3rd place: Masako Kikichi, violin


1st place: Sakura Harley, violin

2nd place: Rosa E. Villar, piano

3rd place: Renny Taberas, percussion


1st place: Katherine Meloan, piano

2nd place: Christian E. Soto, tenor

3rd place: Shiy-Ying Chen, violin

Competition Judges

The 2023 judges were Dr. Jon Robertson, Dean of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music, and Jill Arbetter, Executive Director of the Elevar Foundation, who were very impressed with the level of playing of the participants. Our sincere thanks to Michael Klotz for serving as the coordinator of our competition and to the faculty members who worked hard to prepare the students.

Recent judges have included John Stuart, Associate Dean for Cultural and Community Engagement, Executive Director of Miami Beach Urban Studios; Michael Linville, Associate Dean and Director of Chamber Music Activities for the New World Symphony; and Robert H. Smith, co-Founder and co-Executive of the newly launched Josef Gingold Chamber Music Festival of Miami and Assistant Director of the Chopin Foundation of the US.

For Information, contact:

Michael Klotz

Teaching Professor, Viola

FIU Concerto Competition Winner Organizer