FIU Music Series: Flea Ensemble

FLEA (FIU Laptop & Electro-Acoustic) Ensemble, is FIU's newest musical group. The group performs exciting new work and reinterprets classics of the avant-garde by combining hi-fi and lo-fi technologies. Each piece offers new ways of (re)interpreting technology with or without the aid of acoustic instruments or objects. Directed by composer Jacob Sudol.   Featured artists [...]

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XXI New Music Miami ISCM Festival: Calloway Sudol Duo

Welcome to the fourth New Music Miami ISCM Festival concert of the year featuring cellist Jason Calloway and composer/computer musician Jacob David Sudol. Together, they founded the Calloway + Sudol Duo in 2012 in order to perform and promote music for cello and electronics. Their primary goals are to create and perform exciting new works, play new [...]

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FEASt Fest is an annual electro-acoustic music festival that exhibits pieces by student-composers from around the globe.  The festival is entirely put together by the students of the Electro-Acoustic Research Society (EARS) at Florida International University. The Florida Electro-Acoustic Student Festival showcases a series of exciting, fresh new works and performances of electro-acoustic works from [...]

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