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What Is a Performing Arts Conference?

This video was produced to provide a quick overview of the major components of a performing arts conference.  It was filmed at the Performing Arts Exchange Conference in 2016 in Orlando, Florida.  The full range of activities and events that took place from September 26 through September 29 are represented.  The video serves to introduce the world of performing arts conferences, frequently referred to as booking conferences, to arts administration students, music business students, artists, and performing arts professionals new to the field.

The video was made possible through a collaborative working partnership between FIU -Florida International University College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts,  PAE – Performing Arts Exchange, and PMI – Performance Management International.  It was envisioned and produced by Dr. Manuel Prestamo, who has taught arts administration courses at FIU and is also the President of PMI.

It is our intent to create and provide access to other videos of this nature in the future, providing a collection of resources to the field of arts management and the performing arts.