Dr. Sara Pezeshk Receives NSF Grant for Coastal Biodiversity Project

Dr. Sara Pezeshk has been awarded a substantial National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $334,156 for her project, "Promoting Coastal Biodiversity through AI-driven Modular Seawall Design and Construction." This research focuses on Ecoblox, an innovative modular block system for shorelines, seamlessly integrating big data analytics, AI-based design algorithms, and robotic fabrication.

Ecoblox is designed to be a data-driven, adaptable infrastructure component, optimized with microclimatic and site-specific data to support biodiversity. By fostering biodiversity at the shoreline, the project supports aquatic and terrestrial species, strengthens food webs, and aids in carbon sequestration, thereby mitigating climate change. Furthermore, it offers insights into coastal defense's multifaceted impact on the environment and society.