Roboticist Karl Singline conducts a week-long workshop on Creative Robotics at the RDF lab



This workshop will focus on the state-of-the-art applications of industrial robotics in various settings. It will provide an overview of the fundamental principles of industrial robotic arms, robot anatomy, robotic movement, safety, basics of end-of-arm tooling, and robotic programming. It will also introduce key concepts of the workflow involved with the integration of automation and robotics within a creative environment for rapid prototyping and new fabrication methods. Participants will walk away with an understanding of fundamental concepts and gain advanced knowledge of KUKA|prc and KUKA Robot workflows. Participants are expected to conceptualize, program and run complete robotic programs through the software and ideas raised over the intensive five day workshop. This includes the creation, exportation and running of KUKA Robot Language (KRL) via parametric modeling tools.


Karl Singline is a graduate architect and roboticist from Australia. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Master of Architecture, where he played a key role in integrating a KUKA robotic arm into the curriculum for both the school of architecture as well as other faculties and community groups, he launched his popular YouTube channel with over 630,000 views, specializing in tutorials on visual programming and robotics.

He has traveled the world delivering cutting-edge workshops specializing in introducing the core concepts of thinking robotically, visual programming and developing processes to physicalize the digital through the real-world application of robotics. As lead researcher within Creative Robotics, Karl works on personal research as well as partnering with external industry partners to further explore new ways of adapting robotic technologies to architecture and other creative industries.

Luis Pacheco, is a research specialist at FIU’s Robotics and Digital Fabrication Lab where he works on developing robotic applications for architecture and construction, supports faculty research, and provides help and mentorship to students. Luis was the co-founder and former CEO of MakerMex, the first Mexican company to develop and manufacture 3D printers. In this capacity, Luis led the development of multiple 3D printers, MakersCAD software, and established the MakerLAB facility in Leon, Mexico. His awards include MIT’s Innovators under 35, Mexico, 2016, Red Ribbon at the World Maker Faire, 2017, and CONCYTEG Innovation prize in 2014. Luis has a bachelor of architecture from La Salle Bajío in León Mexico, and a master's in Robotics and Advanced Construction from IAAC in Barcelona.