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Product Development & Prototyping

We offer cutting-edge facilities to our clients to explore ideas using visualization tools, and fabrication and production technologies including but not limited to mold making for panel systems, subtractive wood and foam work for furniture prototyping, and additive ceramic and concrete manufacturing for industrial scale prototypes. Our prototyping tools include:

3D printing

PLA – MakerBot
Resin – FormLabs
Ceramic – KUKA KR30

3D scanning

Laser Scanning – DAVID

CNC milling

3-Axis milling machine
7-Axis – KUKA KR30

Modular Assembly

6-Axis – KUKA KR10
7-Axis – KUKA KR30

Hot wire foam formwork

6-Axis – KUKA KR10
7-Axis – KUKA KR30