Project: Automation for Architecture, Design 4 Curriculum Module Featuring Pick and Place


In the near future architects will need advanced technical skills in parametric design and automated construction methods. This 4-week curriculum module used Grasshopper as the primary tool for second-year students to learn how to design a permeable ground paving pattern and a parametric wall using bricks. Students worked with KukaPRC to make a pick-and-place program and simulate how to build the project using an industrial robot. Initial training in fundamentals of robotic safety and operations used the NSF Funded Robotics Academy VR prototype lesson in its first experimental deployment with a test group. The results of this curriculum design project and experimental robotics training were exhibited by the RDF Lab at the 2022 ARCC/EAAE Conference, presented and published by students at the 2022 FIU URC Conference and the URJ Journal, and published in the proceedings and presented at the 2022 AHFE Conference.


Parametric design, robotics, curriculum, pick and place


Project Lead: Eric Peterson


ARCC/EAAE Exhibition Team: Noam Bedoin de Roca and Brian Gaw 

VR Testing Team: Noam Bedoin de Roca and Amanda Wojtasiak

AHFE Co-Authors: Biayna Bogosian and Shahin Vassigh

FIU-URC Team: Isabelle Crowley, Adrice Galloway, Juan Garcia, and Mariana Lora