Thermoplastic Extruder


This project developed a series of robotic thermoplastic extruders and a wireless controller application for material performance testing with robotic additive manufacturing. Early versions of the project relied on Arduino and the Blynk IOT app while later versions used Raspberry Pi and either the Octoprint app or a custom wireless controller application. Over 25 students worked on the project to design and refine a series of working prototypes for testing extrusion performance at different temperatures, speeds, angles, and slopes of material deposition. The wireless controller application remains in development.


Additive manufacturing, robotics, nautical design  


Project Lead: Eric Peterson

Hardware Team: Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone students -Raheem Perkins, Damian Hill, Edgardy Laurant, Mohammad Saleh, Noel Perez, Hung Tran, Nathalie Poliquin, Daniel Simkins, Cristopher Duque, Breosha Scott, Gustavo Ramirez, Rashid Alzuwayer, Christian Pinillo, Ahmad Alsalem, Manuel Luzardo, Diego Manjarres, Iris Ordenana

Software Team: Computer Science and Engineering Capstone students- Alejandro De-La-Noval, Christian Angus, Luis Oliveros, Ernesto Rodriguez, Roman Mukosieiev, Paulina Acosta, Nico Lee, Rolando Moya, Daniela Perez, Rachel Roig


FIU-RDF Lab, Dr. W. Arellano: ECE Capstone, Dr. M. Sadjadi: CSE Capstone