In Deep Water

In Deep Water is a Mixed Reality information representation experience to highlight the socio-spatial and political dynamics of urban environmental data. Focusing on the coastal city of Miami and its urgent water crises, the participants will view and interact with several narrated datasets to better understand the sea-level rise and water pollution dangers of this growing metropolis on various time scales. This HoloLens-based experience utilizes real-time and archival water quality data from governmental agencies, institutions, and citizen science efforts facilitated by RDF research group to highlight the importance of open-access Spatio-temporal data for informing public literacy and policy.


Augmented Reality, HoloLens 2, Data Visualization, Sea Level Rise, Public literacy


Project Lead: Biayna Bogosian

AR Research Assistant: Anthony Olivera, Jorge Leon

UI/UX Research Assistant: Colin Mele


FIU-NSF,  Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) Urban Supplement Grant