Robotic 3D Printing Control Device2021-12-03T19:07:11+00:00
Robotic 3D Printing Control Device

This project develops a smartphone application to control switching, speed, and temperature settings for a thermoplastic extruder end-effector. The application is built with a modular hardware and software system to allow a variety of different tooling applications. The project that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the open-source Blink IOT application to control a thermoplastic extruder.

Project Lead: Eric Peterson

ECE Capstone Students | Rraheem Perkins, Nathalie Polinquin, Bre Osha Scott, Rashid Alzuwar, Christopher Duque, Daniel Simkins Bendayan, Hung Tran, Gustavo Ramirez, Ahmed Alsalem, Manuel Luzardo, Diego Manjarres, Iris Ordenana, Christian Pinillo.

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