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Global Strategic Communications


To enhance graduate learning opportunities through experience, enhancing academic knowledge gained at the undergraduate level.


  1. The internship program shall be open to all Global Strategic Communication majors who have completed their undergraduate degree.
  2. There are no prerequisites required to qualify for the internship.

General Guidelines

  1. The student shall register and pay for credit for the internship; all internships must be registered for prior to the end of drop/add. The course code is MMC 6900. This is a major commitment requiring a student to work a set number of hours a week for the semester. Internships are only given for 3 semester hours of credit/300 hours of work, but it may also be paid.
  2. The internship must be approved in advance and monitored by the internship coordinator.
  3. The student may engage in only one internship.
  4. The student will receive a letter grade for the internship.
  5. The student must pursue an internship at an organization in which he/she is not presently, or has not previously been employed. Exceptions to this must be a bona fide new experience and with the consent of the internship coordinator.


The goal of the department is to secure payment for internships. At a minimum, the student should receive a stipend for travel, meals, parking and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Beginning the Internship

  1. The student who wishes to seek an internship must have the school’s Internship Contract completed by the Internship host supervisor and the faculty advisor (if a faculty member has given advice on the placement), and approved by the Internship coordinator or chair. The student will keep one copy to give to the host supervisor; one copy will stay with the coordinator to be placed in the student’s file. The student should read and follow the guidelines in the internship syllabus, which will be provided to the student by the coordinator and available online through the Blackboard system.
  2. The Internship host supervisor shall provide a statement of the job description, complete and sign the Internship Contract and return it to the student who will return it to the Internship coordinator.
  3. The Internship coordinator shall sign the contract and issue a permit for enrollment and forward the syllabus to the student.