The College of Architecture + The Arts is dedicated to enabling you to be a global citizen equipped to respond to the changes and challenges that affect our local and global communities. One way we support you on your journey to global citizenship is by providing you with opportunities for a study abroad experience.

Students in Art, Art History, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design are encouraged to attend our semester-long study abroad program in Genoa, Italy. While Theatre students are encouraged to take advantage of an exciting program in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

Additionally, the college offers a wide range of summer study abroad opportunities that range from short two-week programs to an entire Summer semester abroad

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In addition to traveling to major U.S. cities as part of the design curriculum, our students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs from Genoa, Italy to Tokyo, Japan. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with FIU faculty members in a foreign city exposes students to iconic places and diverse cultures.

Fall 2016

You may visit the FIU Genoa Study Abroad website by clicking here.


Summer 2016
 tokyo 2Tokyo – Kyoto – Naoshima-Teshima


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 paris-milan 2Paris – Milan – Dakar


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 london-berlinLondon – Amsterdam – Berlin


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For more information on Architecture’s study abroad programs, please contact:

Maria D. Garcia
Office Assistant for the Department of Architecture


Interior Architecture
Ever wish to enter the world of cruise ship and super yacht design? Make this growing market available to you by learning its unique systems, meeting industry leaders, and experiencing the industrial processes involved in building ships and boats.

We are proud to announce a new international continuing education program provided by FIU and the University of Genoa. The program offers unique access to the cruise and super yacht industries for individuals seeking retooling, professional development, and/or skills enhancement in cruise ship and super yacht design.

The program offers educational instruction via seminars and workshops, including regional off-site visits. Internationally focused, the program is divided into two main venues: one at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios in the US, and the other at Promostudi La Spezia-Polo Universitario G. Marconi in Italy.

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Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design
Our study abroad center is located in Genoa, Italy. The Genoa center is ideally situated in the historic center of the city in a newly renovated former convent dating from the 13th century. During the semester, students in Genoa are afforded the opportunity to study those artistic, architectural, landscape and interior spaces and artifacts that have long been acknowledged for their exceptional and enduring value to Western design culture.

Over the course of the Fall semester, students will study artistic, urban, landscape and architectural models of exceptional and enduring value to Western culture. The students’ cultural exposure while living in Genoa will provide the background necessary to appreciate an architectural and urban environment which has continuously reflected Italian social, intellectual and artistic values. Genoa remains one of the very few cities in Italy that maintains both an extraordinary range of historically significant works of architecture and landscape architecture, as well as an ever increasing wealth of major contemporary works by the world’s foremost designers.

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Art + Art History
In collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Genova (UniGe), the FIU Genoa semester-long program provides students with the opportunity to study art in a city that is rich with cultural history. By traveling to Genoa and participating in this FIU program, students enhance their college and global learning experiences.

To learn more about the FIU Genoa Program, please visit its website by clicking here.


Communication Arts
The Communication Arts Department offers a wonderful European experience for students looking to travel and study in the summer. In conjunction with the course COM 4731 Cultural Communication Patterns of Europe, students tour France, Germany, and Belgium while observing EU companies and learning about individual and organizational communication in an intercultural setting. To contact the FIU Office of Study Abroad, click here



These are for 2015 – is there information available yet for 2016?

Music in France: Summer 2015 Study Abroad Program, July 1—15, 2015
music-franceStudents will explore the art of music editing and analysis with a special emphasis on the music of France while under the guidance of Musicologist Dr. David Dolata and Theorist Dr. Joel Galand. Students will experience life in Tours, visit Loire Valley chateaux, including the Chateau de Chambord, where they will attend a festive evening of music, dance, acrobatics, and period costumes to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the ascension of François I to the throne. The program includes a long weekend in Paris to experience the milieu in which the music students study was created and to take in the contemporary Parisian musical scene. For more information, click here.  To download the flyer, click here.
Music in Italy: Summer 2015 Study Abroad Program,  July 12—25, 2015
music-italyThis summer study abroad program will give music composition students the opportunity to receive an overview of contemporary sacred art music and compose a new work with the guidance of, FIU head of composition and composer-in- residence, Dr. Orlando Jacinto Garcia. In addition, the work they create will be rehearsed and an archival recording will be provided by the Suono Sacro Ensemble in residence at the Suono Sacro International Music Festival in Assisi, Italy.  For more information, click here. To download the flyer, click here.

Shakespeare at Stratford/London: Text & Performance – This summer program explores the summer repertoire of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). Presenting the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries alongside modern classics and new plays, the RSC has set the standard for productions of Shakespeare’s plays for more than one hundred years. Participants will attend five productions, four at the RSC in Stratford and one production at a venue in London, perhaps the Globe Theatre, or at the Roundhouse, the RSC’s London stage. Students attend productions at Stratford and in London. Lectures and post-production discussions are conducted by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in conjunction with the University of Birmingham.

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