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60 Second Somethings for Seniors2020-04-27T16:08:51+00:00

As we look around us in the age of COVID 19 we need, more than ever, to send special care packages to some of the most vulnerable amongst us.

The Department of Theatre, in collaboration with the FIU Community, is developing “60 Second Somethings for Seniors”, a series of programs featuring 60-second self-taped presentations to be distributed to Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and VA Hospitals throughout Miami-Dade County and all members of the FIU family are invited to participate!

Trained or untrained, we welcome all forms of talent from juggling, singing, poetry, art, magic tricks, sports, drama, music, comedy, photography, dance, reading and writing. Stories about life in HR or as an RA or as an FIU security officer, even as a Provost or President will elevate this digital variety show!

No awards, no prizes, just an immense satisfaction of sharing yourself with seniors, often situated four to a room with little more than meals, meds, and a monitor. Vocal presentations will be subtitled in English and Spanish and signed by ASL interpreters.

Passion and purpose join forces with one objective: to create stimulus packages filled with joy and cultural nourishment for our seniors who, with indomitable patience, are riding out the isolation of COVID 19.

To submit a self-taped “60 second something” email Phillip M Church at You will receive a google drive link with a password with which to post your video and many thanks for being a part of an FIU constantly cares project!