All students applying for the BFA in Musical Theatre, BFA in Performance, or BA in Theatre (with a performance emphasis) must audition for the program. Auditions are scheduled 4-6 times throughout the year.

Signing-up for an Audition

To sign-up for an audition, please contact Maria Manino at 305-348-2895 or You must provide us with your name, which degree you’re auditioning for (BA or BFA), where you’re coming from (high school, transfer student, already enrolled at FIU), as well as an email address and phone number where you can be reached. Once you contact us, you will be added to our auditions list and will receive a copy of our FIU Prospective Theatre Student Questionnaire.

You can submit your video audition through

Audition Requirements

To audition for the BA in Theatre you will need to submit:

To audition for the BFA in Performance you will need to submit:

  • 2 contrasting monologues (totaling no more than 3 minutes)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • 1 resume listing your theatre experience and training
  • 1 FIU Prospective Theatre Student Questionnaire (click to download the editable Word document.)

To audition for the BFA in Musical Theatre you will need to submit:

  • 1 monologue from a published play maximum of 90 seconds.
  • 2 contrasting songs from published musicals, 16 bars each. One song should be a ballad, one song should be up-tempo.  One is contemporary, one is from the Golden Age of Musicals (1940-1964).  Be prepared to sing 32 bars at the callback. Applicants are required to use musical accompaniment without vocals.
  • 1 dance audition video following the choreography on the FIU Musical Theatre Audition Movement Phrase found in our GetAcceptd portal. Please use dance clothes (leotard, tights) for your Dance video audition, if you don’t have these, please use form-fitting athletic wear. Use dance shoes, socks or barefoot.
  • 1 video of yourself answering questions found in our GetAcceptd portal.
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • 1 resume listing your theatre experience and training
  • 1 FIU Prospective Theatre Student Questionnaire (click to download the editable Word document.)

Tips for selecting good audition monologues

  • Your monologue MUST be from a published play (no self-written work, musicals, movies or novels). Make sure you read the entire play so you understand your character. Stay away from monologue anthologies that contain monologues that aren’t part of a play. If you find a monologue from a published play in one of those books, make sure you are able to obtain and read the full play.
  • Pick material with strong objectives. Does the character have something important that they are fighting for in the moment?
  • If you’re auditioning for the BFA, make sure at least one of your monologues is contemporary. “Contrasting” doesn’t only mean classical and contemporary. You can have two contrasting contemporary monologues if the energy of the piece is different.
  • Pick something that is in your age range.

Recording your Audition

  1. Clearly state your name and the degree you are auditioning for
  2. State your panther I.D. number (if you already have one)
  3. Introduce your piece
  4. Perform your monologue

(If you are re-auditioning, you must record and submit new material.)


The deadline to submit your video audition is April 9, 2022.

You will be notified if you have been invited to a callback one week after the submission deadline.


Callbacks will be held on the following day, April 23, 2022.

We are planning to have in-person callbacks, however, we will continue to monitor the situation with Covid-19 and will adjust accordingly if the situation worsens. You will receive confirmation of callback details with your invitation.


While you are asked to submit your required audition file digitally via Getacceptd, please note that all applicants to our programs must also complete FIU’s online admission application.

You will receive a decision by email approximately three (3) weeks after your audition deadline.

Due to the highly selective nature of the BFA Performance program, offers for Fall 2022 will be announced in late April after all applications have been reviewed.

Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or concerns.


Maria Manino
Office Coordinator