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Study Abroad Program Requirements
The minimum GPA requirement to participate in an FIU Study Abroad program is a 2.0. However, each program has a specific set of academic requirements as determined by the Faculty Director for that program. You may apply for a study abroad program as early as your freshman year.
Fund Your Study Abroad Program hereYour eligibility for financial aid is determined by the information submitted on the FAFSA form, including your income and your parents’ income. The FIU Financial Aid Office (located in PC 125) has all the information you need to start the FAFSA application process.

As an FIU student participating in the International Student Exchange or FIU Study Abroad programs, you may use all of your aid available for your study abroad program. This will include state or institutional scholarships as well as federal Pell grant, student loans, and all other financial aid. Students may also use their Florida Prepaid benefits to pay for part of the tuition portion of their study abroad programs. To learn more, click here.