Alpha Psi Omega is a national theatre honor society that has recognized and rewarded exemplary student participation in theatre productions since 1925. With over 600 casts nationwide, it is the largest national honor society.

The Alpha Alpha Lambda cast of Alpha Psi Omega was re-established in the Fall semester of 2014 to provide acknowledgement of those students of FIU Theatre demonstrating a high standard of accomplishment in their academic and theatrical endeavors. Members “seek a life useful” by using their talents and the passion they share for theatre to serve their academic and local theatre communities.

FIU Chapter President- Amanda Pertierra  apo.fiu.president@gmail.com


Membership Requirements

To be eligible for membership in the Alpha Alpha Lambda cast of Alpha Psi Omega, a student must be:

  • enrolled at Florida International University
  • a declared theatre major or minor
  • have two semesters of active involvement in the FIU Theatre Department (transfer students only need one semester)
  • have a 2.5 overall GPA
  • have earned 100 APO points in the year prior to induction (or 75 points for transfers) as per the Points Breakdown Form provided by the chapter
  • have received their official understudy education
  • approved through a screening process completed by officers, faculty advisors, and all players


Broadway Backwards

Broadway Backwards is throwing a twist to the Broadway songs and scenes everyone knows. Performers can perform songs or scenes from the opposite gender!

Act Against AIDS

The annual Act Against AIDS Showcase is a charity showcase presented by members of APO and FIU Theatre students every Spring semester. All proceeds are donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, one of the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations.

Service Projects

Using their many talents in theatre, members participate in charity fundraisers, showcases, and community performances to positively impact their local and global communities.

FIU Theatre Week

FIU Theatre Week allows FIU Theatre students and faculty to celebrate being a part of an increasingly active theatre community that promotes artistic and personal growth. This week helps department veterans remember why they love their department so much and encourages new students to become involved.

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Calendar

August 24                   Jersey Day

August 28                   General Meeting & Officer Meeting

September 7                Jersey Day

September 8                Arts Launch @ the Arsht Center

September 11                General Meeting & Officer Meeting

September 18              Broadway Backwards Auditions

September 27              Tabling in GC for A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

October 2                     General Meeting & Officer Meeting

October 5                    Jersey Day

October 16                   Tabling in GC for She Stoops to Comedy

October 20                   Cast Retreat

October 22-25              Broadway Backwards Tech

October 23                   General Meeting & Officer Meeting

October 26, 27            Broadway Backwards Performances

November 2                Jersey Day

November 8                Tabling in GC for The Children’s Hour

November 13              General Meeting & Officer Meeting

November 21               Local Founder’s Day & Potluck

November 26-30        FIU Theatre Spirit Week

November 27              General Meeting & Officer Meeting

November 30              Winter Formal

December 7                   Jersey Day

January 11                    Jersey Day

January 15                   General Meeting & Officer Meeting

January 25                  Act Against AIDS Auditions

January 26                   Cast Retreat

January 28-31             Big/Little Week

January 29                   General Meeting & Officer Meeting

February 1                   Big/Little Reveal

February 1                   Jersey Day

February 12                 General Meeting & Officer Meeting

February 19                 APO Induction Test

February 21                 Tabling in GC for Boeing Boeing

February 23                APO Induction

February 26                 General Meeting & Officer Meeting

March 1                       Jersey Day

March 19                     General Meeting & Officer Meeting

March 30                     Act Against AIDS (Tech & Performance)

April 2                         General Meeting & Officer Meeting

April 5                          Jersey Day

April 11                        Tabling in GC for The Suicide

April 16                       General Meeting/Officer Transition Meeting

April 24                       FIU Theatre Banquet