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Student Leadership Council


The mission of the FIU Theatre Student Leadership Council is to provide a safe space and amplify the voice of students that are underrepresented and unheard. The Student Leadership Council will:

  • Preserve the understanding and respect for cultural diversity within our student community.
  • Allow students to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns about FIU theatre.
  • Communicate with faculty in a professional and thoughtful manner to promote respect, equality, and better our artistic integrity.
  • Raise awareness when having uncomfortable conversations about situations that happen in and out of class and help provide appropriate ways to address them.

Participation Requirements

The council will meet a minimum once a month during the fall and spring semesters.

Active participation in the council and as a class representative is defined as:

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of council meetings each semester
  • Respond to emails, questions, and meeting invites in a timely manner
  • Maintain professional etiquette and appropriate confidentiality
  • Council members will be aware of bias and allow all voices to be heard
  • Each year the board will select one member to be Council Chair.

Role of Chair:

  • Schedule and lead council meetings
  • Coordinate which council member will attend faculty meetings
  • Email and post the next council meeting agenda

One council representative will be present in the first 15 minutes of each faculty meeting. The 15-minute time slot will be dedicated to the council representative. Questions and concerns should be addressed after the council representative has spoken. If more than 15 minutes is required, time must be scheduled with the Department Chair prior to the meeting.

Council Meeting Format

All students from the department are welcome at Student Leadership Council meetings. Council meetings will be structured in three parts:

  1. The council will meet with students and the faculty advisor, invited faculty, and invited guests
  2. The council will meet with students only
  3. The council will hold private one on one meetings with students

A meeting agenda and announcement will be posted on the call boards and emailed out one week in advance. Notes will be taken at all meetings.

Council Composition and Terms

The Student Leadership Council is composed of 6 current theatre students in various class years and that are underrepresented.

Class representatives:

The sophomore, junior, and senior class will have a representative that attends council meetings, is a voice for their class, and communicates with the council. They will create a safe space in their classes for other students to vocalize their concerns, ideas, or topics that are uncomfortable to discuss.

Memberships of the Board will maintain their seat on the council until graduation while maintaining good academic standing within the department and FIU. If a seat is vacant, the council will put together recommendations for open council leadership positions for the following year.

Student council members and representatives should respect the confidentiality of any matters discussed. However, if a council member or class representative fails to abide by the Student Leadership Council Mission, they may be removed from their position on the council. In the event that a member gets removed, the current members of the council will elect a student qualified to meet the demands of the council.

In selecting members for the council, a variety of things should be considered:

Will they be able to meet the participation requirements? Is there a strong mix of performers/designers, graduation year, class years? Does the student uphold the values of the Student Leadership Council?

Student Leadership Council Faculty Advisor:

One faculty member will work with the student leadership council as an advisor to create a platform for the council’s voice to be heard. The faculty advisor will be selected by the council. The faculty advisor will attend a minimum of 50% of council meetings each semester or as requested by the council. The faculty advisor is expected to uphold the same values as the council members, will be aware of bias, and allow all voices to be heard.

This is a living breathing document and is subject to change/review by the council.

2021-22 Student Leadership Council Members

Board Members:
Alex Camacho (Chair)
Roshambia Clark
Laura Banguero
Charisma Jolly
Alex Perez
Lia Rodriguez

Class Representatives:
Ali Cochran (sophomore)

Faculty Advisor:
Tony Galaska