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International Guidelines – Journalism, Digital Media and Broadcasting


Internships may be a valuable learning experience, therefore, the School of Communication + Journalism facilitates internships to provide the student with a vehicle for further academic and professional growth.  As part of the learning process, the student must negotiate the internship with the internship host organization.


Full admission (UDBJM) to SCJ

The student must have successfully completed the required/elective SCJ courses in the sequence as follows:

MMC 3104    Writing Strategies

MMC 3602    Mass Media and Society

MMC 4200    Mass Communication Law & Ethics

VIC 3002        Visual Design for Media

JOU 3003       Principles of Journalism

JOU 3343L     Print News Workshop

RTV  3301      Broadcast News Reporting*

 JOU  3117     Print News Reporting**

* For broadcast journalism students the added successful completion of RTV 3301 before embarking on an internship is recommended.

**For print journalism students the added successful completion of JOU3117 before embarking on an internship is recommended.

General Guidelines

  1. The student must register for JOU 4946; the internship must be registered for prior to the end of the drop/add period.  Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade.
  2. An internship is a major commitment requiring the student to work a set number of hours a week for the semester, as follows:   Zero credit/100 hours/semester.  Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade.
  3. The internship must be approved in advance and monitored by the faculty internship advisor.
  4. The internship must be in the host organization’s news department.
  5. The student will do an internship in a host organization where he/she is not presently, and has not previously been, employed.  Exceptions to this must be a bona fide new experience and with the consent of the chairperson.
  7. The internship may be done more than once but each time the student must register for JOU 4946 and must obtain permission of the faculty internship advisor.

Compensation:  Compensation is not required.

Planning the Internship

The student who wishes to seek an internship must:

  • Discuss the type of internship desired with the faculty internship advisor to determine if he or she will have met the eligibility requirements both in terms of courses taken and in terms of GPA and get prior approval.
  • Contact media outlets to inquire about their internship process and availability.
  • Apply for an internship.

Beginning the Internship

The student who wishes to begin an internship must:

  • Obtain a Permit Number to register for JOU4946 from the faculty internship advisor.
  • Have the school’s Internship Contract completed by the internship host supervisor and the faculty internship advisor.  The faculty internship advisor shall keep the contract as part of the internship documentation. Click HERE for the Internship Contract.

The internship host supervisor shall:

  • Interview internship candidates and advise the SCJ of his/her selection
  • Provide a statement of the job description.
  • Complete and sign the Internship Contract and return it to the student who will give it to the faculty internship advisor.

The faculty internship advisor shall:

  • Ensure that the student has all of the required pre-requisites and that the student is embarking on a pre-approved and valid experience.