Conference: Main Gallery: Chicas Poderosas- FIU Women’s Conference2016-04-22T15:40:39-04:00
Lillian Lodge Kopenaver Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication; Chicas Poderosas-FIU Conference

Main Gallery: April15th 9:00am-Noon

MBUS 475, 473 noon-5:00pm


  • Social Media
  • Creating a Digital Portfolio
  • Podcast/Radio Storytelling

Diving into journalism as the industry is trying to figure out its future comes with monumental challenges. Chicas Poderosas at Florida International University is ready to tackle them.

Emerging professionals constantly need to learn new digital skills and carry alone work loads once shouldered by entire teams — all while retaining audiences’ short attention span. Many budding journalists feel insecure in the workplace, lack conviction to negotiate salaries and duties, and deal with impostor syndrome. These troubles are even more prevalent among women and minorities.
Chicas Poderosas FIU will address these topics during a three-day mediathon featuring hands-on workshops, talks, a career fair and other useful sessions.
Chicas Poderosas is partnering with Florida International University to make the upcoming event a remarkable success. Chicas Poderosas sparked in 2013 as a movement to engage and empower women in digital storytelling by developing news applications, producing interactive content and integrating new tools in newsrooms and startups. The Chicas community is all over Latin America, and growing. FIU has 2,000 undergrad and graduate journalism students and many student chapters promoting the advancement of journalism. Together we can achieve more.

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