Main Gallery Exhibition: The Holocaust: How Was It Humanly Possible?2015-10-05T14:24:29-04:00
The perpetrators of the Holocaust and their collaborators committed extraordinary crimes. We continue, 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz to ask:  Were these people aberrations or were they ordinary people simply reacting to extraordinary circumstances?
The Holocaust is part of a history that demands the attention of everyone who is part of the human race.  This exhibit, “How Was It Humanly Possible? “presented by the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach,   focusses on the individual perpetrators, the foot-soldiers of the Nazis’ genocidal policies.  The plan to murder the Jews was conceived by a small circle of dedicated Nazis.  In order to implement their plan, however, they required the collaboration of the masses.

Developed by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem and sponsored by the American Society for Yad Vashem. The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach is pleased to host the premiere and first city of this important traveling exhibition.

For more information about this Yad Vashem exhibition brought to the Urban Studios in collaboration with the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, CLICK HERE.

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