MBUS Live Art Talk with Yves Gabriel2021-06-23T15:33:22-04:00

FIU MFA graduate Yves Gabriel art talk on Monday, June 21, @5:30.

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Yves Gabriel is a Haitian-born multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, sculpture,
and digital art. He holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in
Graphic Design. His artistic journey began over 30 years ago as an Organic Sculptor
and Digital Artist. He later evolved as a painter and embraced Abstraction and
Conceptualism as vehicles to examine Haiti’s social, cultural, and institutional norms
often rooted in colonialism. His most recent work includes a series of paintings that
address racial injustice and other social issues affecting the Black and Brown
communities in the United States, and around the globe. Inspired by Assemblage, an
artistic form used by Rauschenberg and many others in the 1950s, he incorporates in
some of his paintings three-dimensional objects and selective materials to create a
multitude of layers that reflect and embody the complexity of race, identity,
intersectionality, and community

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