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ARC 5935 Special Topics Fall 2023, Faculty: Jason R. Chandler, FAIA

Professor: Jason Chandler

Fall 2023 elective student work

Location: Design Gallery

Date: February 19-March 11, 2024

Looking up to Milan Housing
ARC 5935 Special Topics Fall 2023, Faculty: Jason R. Chandler, FAIA

Milan, arguably the center for fashion and design in the world, has within its fabric some of the most compelling examples of modern housing. This is due in large part to two factors: first, the city’s post war urbanism, an urbanism that respected the historic fabric of city while integrating modern housing typologies and second, the exceptional collaboration of cultured clients and refined professional architects. The work of many architects were investigated and the main protagonists of this class are Mario Asnago (1896-1981) and Claudio Vender (1904-86). Their firm, Asnago Vender is known not only for its refined built work but also for its reticence to elaborate the ideas behind their work. The class “looked up to” to these architects through discussions and designed axonometric projections. The worms eye axonometric, inspired by the drawings in Histoire de L’Archecture, 1899 by Auguste Choisy, 1841-1909 is a single totalizing view that displays plan, elevation, interior space and exterior massing simultaneously.

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