PUBLIC: Virtual Exhibition – Visages of Memory by Laszlo Selly2021-04-15T16:37:33-04:00

Laszlo Selly is a Miami based photography that survived the Holocaust.

In this exhibition, Visages of Memory, photographs of Holocaust survivors by Laszlo Selly, we remember the Holocaust so that we will not forget the atrocities of the Third Reich.  In these photographs, we see the images of resilient, strong, courageous human beings who were able resist the Nazi regime.  The Holocaust survivors tell their story, and we commemorate their strength, fortitude, and tenacity.  We remember why we must keep fighting against all forms of hatred, racism, bigotry, and fascism. Laszlo Selly began this project in 2019 and has photographed 35 survivors, including himself.  He like many of these survivors share their harrowing stories of how they escaped the SS.  How they carried on and made a new life for themselves in the United States.

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