Reception/Sale in Lincoln Gallery: Robert Zuckerman’s WONDERISM™ #32016-07-11T16:28:41-04:00
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WONDERISM™ is a long running, ongoing body of work that sees, and, through the photographic process, conveys the extraordinary within the ordinary.  The phrase “WONDERISM™” is also the antithesis of “terrorism”.  To paraphrase Carlos Castaneda, “The Warrior’s art is to balance the terror of existence with the wonder of existence.  WONDERISM™ realizes a way of seeing, fostering and nurturing the magic and wonder of everyday life.

The purpose of this reception is to sell pieces.  Robert Zuckerman pledge 25% of proceeds from sales to MBUS.  The pieces are uniformly priced at five thousand five hundred dollars apiece ($5,500.00).  He can take credit cards via Square and/or PayPal.

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