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Now and Later:  Relative Significance

Artist: Chris Friday MFA ’20

January 8-March 2, 2018

Reception February 6 at 7PM

Now and Later, is an exercise in the relational arrangement of past and ongoing work with contrasting conceptual foundations.

The Art of Art-ing: As taught by the Institution, serves to pose questions about the biased, subjective and contradictory nature of the dominant discourse in a given environment and the perspectives that are inevitably marginalized as a result.

The Invisible Middle offers itself as a solution to the biased and stereotypical representation of minority perspectives and experiences by the dominant culture.

Each work employs the use of blackboard aesthetics; playing on the idea of teaching and being taught, while simultaneously exploiting aspects of popular culture and common human experience as a means of legitimizing personal narrative.

To learn more about FIU MFA Candidate Christina Friday visit her Instagram @TheEffWurd



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