Reception: Open Labs/ Welcome to MBUS2017-08-14T20:08:17-04:00
Come join us for refreshments and discussion about our latest work and research projects at the MBUS labs. Free and open to the public.

Meet our researchers and professors:

Tiffany Troxler- FIU Sea Level Solutions Center 

Nick Gelpi- Gelpi Projects 

Roberto Rovira- Robert Rovira Studios

Eric Goldemberg- MONAD studio 

Jacek Kolasinski – Artist in Residence , Chiar Art + Art History 

Orlando Jacinto Garcia- Composer in Residence 

Peter Licavoli- Arc+ Buildworks 

Thomas Spiegelhalter- Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Structural and Environmental Technologies Laboratory

Michael Klotz- Amernet String Quartet 

To learn more about our researchers click,  here.

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