The Machine in the Garden: Fall 2023 LAA and ARC Student Work2024-04-25T12:24:51-04:00
20240411 MachineInTheGarden MBUS EXHIBIT Flyer

Location: Design Gallery

An exhibit of work from the Fall 2023 joint FIU LAEUD and FIU Architecture design studio which aimed to redefine the factory typology as a holistic social, economic, and environmental network.
Focused on Miami’s “Lake Belt,” the industrial quarry district on the western edge of the city, the studio explored solutions that merged industrial functionality with ecological and community benefits.
The exhibit traces the research, design, and interdisciplinary learning of the studio led by Landscape Architect Roberto Rovira, and Architect Cynthia Ottchen, Professors in the FIU School of Architecture, with support from our industry partner Jakob Rope Systems.

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