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Exhibition: Disillusionment – the land of the shadows

Exhibition – November 22, 2017 – March 10, 2017

Artist – Alex Trimino MFA ’12

Curated by – Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello

Opening Reception– Thursday, December 1, 2016

Time: 7PM

Lecture: Friday, February 3 at 6pm

Alex Trimino graduated with her MFA in visual arts from FIU in 2012, she works in textile and electronics activate space with totems of fluorescent light, color and crochet.  Her work challenges notions on gender roles, craft and art. This exhibition is perfect for the Washington Gallery because of its public arts component; it allows the pedestrians on the street to interact with the artwork without entering the gallery.

Artist statement:

Old ways and new technologies commingle together; exploring social views on civilization and gender. Neon and fluorescent lights coexist with crocheting and fibers historically associated with gender division and traditional societies, re-contextualizing the traditional use of colloquial crafts.

Illuminated totem poles, covered in crocheting and found objects reveal similarities between contemporary materials used (Plexiglas, neon and fluorescent lights) and the colloquial crafts used (crocheting, knitting and weaving); while silhouette cutouts transform and duplicate the shadows the totems cast, emphasizing that reality is a shared hallucination.

About Disillusionment – the land of shadows

Disillusionment – the land of shadows explores how we connect to reality today. This election sought to normalize and perpetuate racism and a culture of misogyny, consequently fragmenting what we thought was reality into surrogate illusions and shadows, leaving us with disillusionment in awakening from a dream in the land of shadows.


Represented in Miami by Diana Lowenstein

To learn more about Alex Trimino click, here.

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