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The mission of the MBUS Leadership Engagement And Development Students (LEADS) program is to enhance student success in CARTA through the development of a group of highly-selective and motivated CARTA students.  MBUS LEADS provides its thirty (maximum) student members with access to special professional experiences, leadership opportunities, as well as prospects for social, professional, and community engagement revolving around Miami Beach and members of the MBUS LAB. Applications for membership are open to all full-time students in the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts with cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or higher. The program will be administered by the staff of the Miami Beach Urban Studios under advisement from Dean of the College, CARTA Leadership, and MBUS LAB members.

The vision of the MBUS LEADS is to develop a mechanism to enhance FIU CARTA student experience and grow the creative economy in South Florida by providing highly-sought after and individually-crafted leadership and creative research experiences as well as mentoring opportunities that will assist motivated CARTA students to reach the highest levels of success.  The vision includes the development of student leadership within MBUS LEADS and an MBUS LEADS alumni team.

What MBUS LEADS Offers

MBUS LEADS offers student members a series of possible opportunities that might include:

·         Invitations to special events sponsored by MBUS LAB members
·         Individualized professional advising from MBUS LAB members related to cv- and portfolio-building, and interviewing skills
·         Opportunities to build a leadership portfolio within MBUS LEADS.
·         Unique connections to influential professionals in a variety of fields
·         An environment to connect to other motivated students in the College
·         Invitations to special events, dinners, and mixers
·         A terrific award line on the cv that may open new doors to opportunity
·         The possibility of additional special scholarship prizes to students for outstanding participation

Outline of MBUS LEADS Selection and Retention Process

During each fall semester, MBUS LEADS will open the call for new members from all full-time CARTA students with cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or higher.  Faculty members will be invited to nominate students and will also be asked to be available for a reference, if necessary.  Student will be asked to provide a CV and a one-page description of his/her professional goals and aspirations, along with an unofficial copy of his/her transcripts. Applications will be evaluated by a committee comprised of MBUS LAB members, CARTA faculty, staff, and administrators, and selected based upon their cv, professional goals, scholastic achievement, and recommendations.  Membership will be for one year, renewable until the student graduates from CARTA. To remain a member of MBUS LEADS, a student must actively participate in group meetings, MBUS LAB invited events, and other MBUS LEADS activities.


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