Bhavleen Kaur wins Autodesk ACADIA BIPOC Student Scholarship

On September 29th, ACADIA released the inaugural Autodesk ACADIA BIPOC Scholarship awardees! Thanks to generous support from @autodesk, 8 students received complimentary registration to the 2023 ACADIA Conference, access to a one-day exclusive Autodesk ACADIA workshop, and a stipend for travel and accommodation. ACADIA is committed to promoting inclusivity and participation from Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) at the ACADIA conferences and within our broader community. Together, they hope to pave the way for aspiring BIPOC computational designers, creating a vibrant pathway to success.

One of the 8 winners was RDF's Bhavleen Kaur, a Doctoral Candidate for FIU's Doctor of Design Program (DDes). Her achievement in securing this prestigious scholarship serves as a shining example of the exceptional talent within the BIPOC community and exemplifies the values ACADIA holds dear. As Bhavleen and her fellow scholarship recipients embark on this incredible journey, their presence at the 2023 ACADIA Conference will undoubtedly enrich the discourse, broaden perspectives, and inspire countless others.