Luis Pacheco presents at ITM Mexico 2023

Luis Pacheco, an RDF research specialist, presented at ITM Mexico 2023, addressing the pressing housing crisis that continues to burden communities globally. Explaining the potential of 3D-printed concrete (3DPC) in construction, emphasizing its multiple advantages. 3DPC offers the promise of mass customization, allowing homes to be specifically tailored to individual needs without soaring costs. It also champions speed in construction and stands out for its material efficiency, substantially minimizing waste.

Further into his presentation, Pacheco introduced NeoGrid, a project he's developing as part of his DDES at FIU SOA. He described it as the "IKEA of prefab 3DPC." This innovative platform empowers architects to interactively design houses. Once a design is completed, it is reviewed and then queued for production. The goal of NeoGrid is ambitious yet straightforward: to transition from design to construction within a 30-day timeframe.