Lyla Wu wins First Place in the Sustainability Tank at this CLDBES Program

Lyla Wu, a doctoral candidate in design and a recipient of the NSF Crest Fellowship, achieved a significant milestone this summer when she was awarded the First Prize for her doctoral research project titled "Material Atlas: A Knowledge Sharing Platform for Sustainable Coastal Construction" at the NSF-supported program CLDBES hosted by Kyushu University in Japan.

Her pioneering project introduces an AI-assisted research tool designed to facilitate knowledge exchange among designers, material scientists, and practitioners in the field of coastal construction. This innovative platform enables users to match material formulas and properties with real-world case studies, fostering collaborative research in the domain.

Notably, Wu's project goes beyond traditional approaches by incorporating nature-based solutions and bio-based ingredients into the platform. This addition opens up new avenues for research in the field of eco-restoration, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.