Wanyu He

Wanyu He is the founder and CEO of XKool Technology, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, a former Project Architect with OMA and a sci-fi author. She has received an Advanced Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban design (Design and computer algorithm) from the Berlage Institute in 2009, and a Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering from Logistical University of China in 2007. Wanyu is a contributing editor for Urbanism and Architecture Journal. She has published articles in architecture and urban studies in local and international professional journals and media, including AD, Detail, Hunch, T+A, UED, and UPI, etc. She has also exhibited her research and practical achievements in many exhibitions such as Shenzhen Biennale 2016-17 & 2018-19, Venice Biennale 2020/2021. Wanyu is one of the pioneers in incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the disciplines of architecture and urban design. She has developed an AI Design SaaS Platform, The XKool AI Design Cloud Platform. Currently, this platform has over 100,000 registered members with over thousand active users. The ABC model, AI driven BIM on the Cloud, proposed by Wanyu has been widely accepted as the 3rd generation of digital architectural languages by local government, design institutions, real-estate developers and construction consortia.