Jianan Peng

Jianan Peng is a Research and Development Engineer at Construction Science & Technology Group (cSCEc) in China. He leads a team of 4 researchers to carry out projects related to digital fabrication including 3D printing molds, 3D printing stainless steel and robotic fabricated timber. Jianan’s research focuses on 3D printing curved PETG molds for spraying UHPC, Wire Arch Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) steel nodes and elements, digital fabrication timber shell structures, digital fabrication of topological timber frame structures, and air-filled membrane structure. Prior to his work on digital fabrication, Jianan studied Civil Engineering in Nanjing University of Science and Technology in China. He continued his studies at the University of Bath in the UK with a focus on innovative structural materials. After graduation, he worked as a structural engineer at Huayang International Design Group, Shenzhen, and played a role in the design and engineering of several skyscrapers including the Shenzhen Nanshan Smart City (200m) and Meilinguan Ⅲ Office Building (200m). During this time, Jianan also joined a team of designers to develop small public facilities for building a new connection between citizens and the metropolis. The highlight of this project was the design and fabrication of public facilities that were produced on an industrial assembly line. The facilities were fabricated in a factory, transported and installed on site within hours.