Teri Watson

Teri Watson

2023 Cohort
Teri Watson is an Architectural Designer, Project Manager, and a current candidate in the Doctor of Design program at Florida International University (FIU). Born in Houston, Texas, Teri is a scholar of the built environment with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in architecture from FIU.

For the past six years in traditional practice, Teri’s work has explored materiality and various construction methods through the fabrication of architectural facades. This has led to the AIA building awards and the 2023 Project Manager of the Year. Teri’s work has been showcased at prominent venues such as the Orlando Science Center and the TEDTalk Ybor City, as an emerging professional with a mission to connect everyday people with architecture.

As her core passion falls to strengthening innovation and education within communities, her research interests lie in the relationships among human characteristics, nature, and architecture. Nature has consistently been central to the discipline and practice of architecture. As a designer and a true thinker of human concepts, Teri seeks to incorporate technology and sustainability for the built environment through interdisciplinary research to advance architecture methodologies into a new era.