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Wind Turbine

Florida International University (FIU) Contributes to Research on Wind Damage Mitigation for Coastal Areas Coastal areas in the US are prone to strong winds, including hurricanes, which can damage roofs. To address this, researchers developed the Aerodynamics Mitigation and Power System (AMPS), which uses wind turbines to reduce wind damage and [...]

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2023 TOM FIU Makeathon

  The energy was electric as the second TOM FIU Makeathon took place at the SOA Miami Beach Urban Studios on April 1-2, 2023. This extraordinary event brought together the brightest minds from the TOM: FIU Community, a groundbreaking initiative that revolutionizes the way we address unmet physical needs in our local region. With the [...]

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Ongoing Exhibitions

Works from the FIU Student Archive 1975 to the Present ExhibitionOn view through June 10, 2024. Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery.Since 1975, at least two thousand photographs by FIU students accumulated in a closet in the VH111 photo lab at the MMC campus. Some of these mostly 8×10 inch black and white photographs were [...]

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2024 TOM FIU Makeathon

The 2024 TOM FIU Makeathon held at FIU SOA MBUS stands as a testament to the boundless potential of innovation and community collaboration. Over the course of two electrifying days, students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines converged to confront real-world challenges with vigor and creativity. Fuelled by a shared passion for making a [...]

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