Kopenhaver Center Honors Leadership Seminar

College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

Designed to help high-achieving SCJ undergrads build skills to launch their professional careers and become effective leaders and communicators.  They learn business communications, team dynamics, brainstorming techniques, decision-making and problem solving strategies.

Course Description

This course is for undergraduate communication, journalism and media students who are nearing graduation and preparing to enter their first professional job in the field. The goal is to provide leadership lectures,  workshops, and experiences that go beyond classroom knowledge and that will better prepare them for the workplace and for success in beginning their careers.

MMC 4936 / Special Topics: Honors Leadership Seminar

Learning objectives:

Students will learn:

  • How to combine public relations and advertising with journalism and digital media techniques to plan and execute an integrated communications plan.
  • How to become a leader by learning about the qualities of leadership and what it takes to move up the leadership ladder.
  • How to brainstorm techniques to find the best idea/solution to a problem.
  • How to set objectives, a target market, the message, the strategies and tactics and the measurement and evaluation tools.
  • How entrepreneurialism can be a factor for their futures.

Learning outcomes:

  • The students will be able to develop and implement a communications plan.
  • Students will develop off-line and online strategies and tactics.
  • Students will master digital media management techniques, and develop content for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.
  • Students will learn how to present a business proposal to selected audiences.

 Teaching methodology:

  • The course will be taught through lectures and workshops. It will also include special topic lectures from relevant professionals on such topics as digital marketing, monitoring techniques, how to produce an impactful promo, professional etiquette, storytelling techniques, addressing multicultural audiences, business presentations, media relations in the digital age, and how to win the survival of the fittest game. These special topics lectures could take place on campus or at the offices of the selected lecturers.

The seminar will be scheduled as a fifteen-week seminar with weekly two-hour sessions.  A maximum of 20 students will be admitted into the seminar.

Honors seminar requirements 

This is an honors program with stringent requirements. The selection process will require the following:

  • A competitive application process
  • Senior level students
  • GPA of a minimum 3.0
  • Full-commitment to attendance at the lectures, workshops, trainings, etc. of this program

Fall Application Deadline:   November 30, 2018

SCJ Honors Seminar Application

Meet with your academic advisor to determine eligibility.   Form more information contact:  Lillian Abreu at 305 919 4065 or labreu@fiu.edu