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Welcome to FIU Interior Architecture!

At FIU’s Interior Architecture we believe in excellence. Ranked 4th among our peers here in the south, we are a proven program with renowned faculty, talented students, state of the art facilities, and experienced helpful staff.

As we transverse the second decade of the 21st century, the design professions are addressing a myriad of new and exciting developments. We see evolving methods of communication and of managing information amplified by new technological, environmental, social, and cultural developments across globalized world. How building interiors are built and how they interact with occupants is becoming increasingly important. We believe this environment inspires interior designers and architects to address new challenges associated with designing building interiors that perform well in a variety of ways, be they human health, technology, culturally, or socially related.

Our degree programs are a gateways to preparing graduates who embrace these current and future worlds. Here at FIU Interior Architecture, we provide learning experiences that engage both creative and critical thinking in such a manner that our graduates can perform well in a variety of contexts. Such experiences blend the art of interior design with experiences that strengthen students’ ability to think flexibly and to operate with versatility. We explore designing in a manner that promotes our understanding of best business practices and how to operate effectively in the global marketplace. Most important, we seek to develop students’ ability to operate effectively as members of trans-disciplinary, culturally diverse teams creating inspiring built environments. In this manner, our students develop a sound foundation in interior design while promoting and valuing innovation in practice, thought and action.

As a result of our exceptional educational experience, our graduates are highly sought after for their ability assess and address users’ needs from a variety of viewpoints and to transform interior environments into memorable, healthful, and sustainable places. This flexibility, combined with interior design expertise, helps our graduates to create environments that address complex problems both creatively and effectively.


Janine King
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Interior Architecture
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