Welcome to FIU Interior Architecture!

At FIU’s Interior Architecture we believe in excellence. Ranked 4th among our peers here in the south, we are a proven program with great faculty, students, facilities, and staff.  As we transverse the second decade of the 21st century, the design professions are addressing a myriad of new and exciting developments. The importance of exploring evolving methods of communication, and of managing the information are amplified by new technological, environmental, social, and cultural developments across globalized world. We believe this environment requires interior designers and architects be prepared to address new challenges associated with designing building interiors that perform well in a variety of ways, be they technical, cultural, or social.

Our Master of Interior Architecture program prepares graduates who can think flexibly and operate with versatility, who can incorporate best business practices in order to operate effectively in a global marketplace; who can adapt to economic shifts; who can understand how and why to use innovative materials and products, and how to operate in trans-disciplinary culturally diverse teams to create effective built environments.

More importantly, our graduates work with clients who value their ability to assess and address users’ needs from a variety of viewpoints. This flexibility, combined with interior design expertise, helps our graduates to create environments that address complex problems both creatively and effectively.


Janine King
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Interior Architecture