The Department of Interior Architecture prepares interior designers with strong professional and content background, capable of engaging in evidence-based design and able to conduct and apply research. The Department offers comprehensive, interdisciplinary degree program designed to engage students in advanced study regarding public interiors. The unique curriculum provides students with firsthand experience of a wide range of interior design issues in specialized areas of study such as hospitality design, healthcare facility design, and workplace design.


Undergraduate MIA (Professional Degree accredited by Council of Interior Design Accreditation)
For students seeking to begin their professional design studies as undergraduates, the Department of Interior Architecture offers the Accelerated Masters programs which integrates pre-graduate coursework in a single curricular path.

Graduate: MIA (Professional Degree accredited by Council of Interior Design Accreditation)
The Master of Interior Architecture provides two different tracks that lead to this professional degree. The tracks are structured in a manner that allows people with different educational backgrounds access to the degree. The two-year track is for students with bachelor degrees in architecture or landscape architecture, and the three-year track for students with baccalaureate degrees in other disciplines.

Graduate: MAIA-Interdisciplinary track in Healthcare Design (Post Professional Degree)
Individuals with an undergraduate degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture from an accredited professional program are eligible for admission to the MA in healthcare design program provided University requirements are met. This 36 credit hour degree prepares students who wish to conduct research, teach and undertake advanced studies in Healthcare design. One year of full-time study in residency is normally required. However, a part-time study option is available subject to the review and approval of the Program.

Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Design – The Interior Architecture Department offers a unique curriculum that prepares designers for the specific issues associated with designing cruise ship and yacht interiors. This is the nation’s only formal educational initiative that prepares interior designers to work in the cruise ship and yacht industry. The certificate program involves international workshops with designers from overseas venues. Enrollment in the certificate program offers FIU students the opportunity to form specialized knowledge in this area of design prior to graduation with their Master of Interior Architecture degree.