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The CARTA Medallion, presented by The Tonkinson Foundation

Thanks to a generous grant from The Tonkinson Foundation, the CARTA Medallion has been established to recognize outstanding professionals who have excelled at having an immediate and lasting impact in one or more of the following ways:

  • Impacting the local, national, and international community in positive ways through their work. Examples include but are not limited to environmental, social, diversity and inclusion, and economic issues that affect our communities
  • Demonstrating excellence in their represented fields through international recognition of their work
  • The creation of a body of work that is widely recognized for its impact and influence in its field
  • Research that has brought about tangible change or progress in its field

In the spirit of the internationally competitive Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts and similar awards at Universities across the globe that recognize excellence, the CARTA Medallion, presented by The Tonkinson Foundation will be awarded annually to an exemplary artist, communicator, multi-disciplinary expert, architect or designer whose work has made a significant contribution and impact. These awards must relate to one or more disciplines of the College as follows: Communication, Journalism, Architecture (including Landscape and Interior Architecture), Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts.

The first ever recipient of the CARTA Medallion was R&B legend and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Sam Moore, who was celebrated in 2022. The next recipient will be only the second in this newly established program.

The Medallion will bring further national and international prestige to CARTA and help the College to realize its goals of excellence in its fields as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. In addition, the program will give students access to individuals who have achieved the highest levels of success in their respective fields, opening doors for their future careers.

The Process

The CARTA Medallion recipient will be determined each year by the dean and his selection committee.  Recipients will enhance the student experience through residencies, masterclasses, lectures, and other programming.


Nominations are now closed.