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Attention Panthers! A new course modality has been implemented for Fall 2020, known as Delayed On-Campus Start (DOCS). All undergraduate courses currently scheduled with In-person or Hybrid modalities were automatically assigned to DOCS unless otherwise requested by individual faculty.  All graduate classes currently scheduled with In-person or Hybrid modalities remained with the same modality unless otherwise requested by individual faculty. Students enrolled in DOCS classes will attend all class meetings virtually until Sept. 14th. DOCS is set to begin Monday, Aug. 24th with all other FIU approved course modalities. Please check your MyFIU portals for updates to your schedule. For more information on DOCS visit,

Before you return to campus, here’s what you need to know

For complete University updates, please visit  for more details. 

June 24, 2020

  • Remote work extended through at least August 8, 2020
  • Fall semester to start August 24, 2020. Classes available through face-to-face, certified hybrid, approved synchronous remote, and quality designed fully online
  • Face-to-face events canceled or postponed through at least August 24, 2020

Dear members of the university community:

COVID-19 has certainly changed how we live, study and work. A new normal is in sight, but there is so much that we still do not know about how to get things done safely and securely. And yet we know that we must press on …

What we have accomplished together in recent months to adapt to this new environment pales in significance to what we will need to do in the next few months: We must safely complete summer terms B and C, virtually graduate in early August thousands of hard working students ready to transition to meaningful employment or graduate school (hopefully at FIU) and then welcome more students back at our campuses, sites and virtually a few weeks later as the Fall Semester begins.

We thank our dedicated and passionate faculty and staff, and our students, for enduring the uncertainties and discomforts that COVID-19 has brought us. We mourn the human loss caused by the virus and the difficulties fostered by a collapsed economy, unemployment and social dislocation. The national unrest driven by the tragic death of George Floyd and the growing urgency to end institutional racism serve as a dynamic context for our challenges ahead.

Caught between the mounting concerns for safety and the dramatic difficulties brought on by prolonged massive unemployment, state leadership has made it clear that we should repopulate the university for the Fall Semester to ensure student continuity, timely graduation, and an accelerated return to economic wellbeing. Thus, we will repopulate gradually and carefully as we responsibly seek solutions that are sensitive to our students, faculty and staff, their families, and the changing conditions in our community.

Coming back to campus

We have been doing the work necessary to be able to live and work with COVID-19 in the months ahead. Our Repopulating Task Force has designed a plan that is dependent on every member of the university community acting responsibly and protecting each other. The plan is a living document that is flexible and continues to be updated as conditions change. We call this plan Panthers Protecting Panthers to emphasize personal responsibility. The plan calls for required face coverings, observance of physical distancing, and the use of an app we have designed to identify students, faculty and staff with possible COVID-19 exposure so that they can isolate and seek medical attention, as appropriate. The plan also includes installing signage to reinforce physical distancing and hand sanitizers on campus, updating cleaning protocols, getting our own labs certified to process COVID-19 tests and hiring our own contact tracers.

This plan is flexible and is subject to modification as we edge closer to our fall start date of August 24, 2020. We understand that one plan might not fit all members of our community, but we believe that what we have created is flexible and consistent with the times which require extreme elasticity and patience.

The plan has now been approved by the FIU Board of Trustees and the State University System Board of Governors. The goal is to provide a pathway for safe repopulation of our campuses and an orderly development and implementation of Fall studies that give students, in accordance with their individual circumstances, the broadest possible set of course options to safely continue their studies. While early versions of this plan identified “phases” of progressive campus opening, we are now focused on a more flexible approach to Fall learning that depends on a broad range of learning modalities intended to fit student needs — to be explained momentarily.

Thus, even while we continue and will complete the early Fall term (Summer B) and Summer C terms completely using remote teaching, you will see a gradual increase over the next months of more Panthers on campus, including faculty, staff and students associated with our Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, and our College of Law, some student athletes, many researchers, and staff members and vendors to support the increased activity on campus. All will be expected to physical distance, wear face coverings, wash hands frequently, and if sick, isolate to protect others. Indeed, we now expect all who enter campus to wear face coverings and to keep their physical distance consistent with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our own health experts.


We admire your tenacity and perseverance in the face of the current difficulties. We understand that many of you cannot attend traditional face-to-face classes because of family responsibilities or your own pre-existing conditions. Accordingly, we will offer four different learning modalities this fall — face-to-face, certified hybrid, approved synchronous remote, and quality designed fully online. All delivery modes will be encouraged to use Canvas for course content and assignments and allow for a quick and seamless switch to remote (where relevant) should it be needed.

Currently, we expect a fraction of our fall classes to have a face-to-face component, either as fully in-person meetings or as hybrid meetings (part of the time on campus, part remote). The remainder of courses will be either synchronous remote or quality designed fully online. Changes to fall courses will be made the week of July 1st. Students will then be able to sign on to the student portal, see the modality that their classes are being taught in and make adjustments to their schedules. Advisors should be consulted to ensure timely progress toward graduation. We intend to provide additional support to students who may need to adjust their schedules because of the uncertain conditions under which we are operating. Note that a payment plan is possible given the difficult financial times as well.

Decreased classroom capacity and availability due to physical distancing policies means we can only offer about 25-33% of our courses face-to-face. Priority will be given to courses with no reasonable form of other instruction, courses which cannot be deferred to another term, introductory classes, gateway courses, and classes with high FTIC enrollment.


We are mindful that many of our faculty are confronted with threats to their health from COVID-19. We appreciate that over 700 faculty have taken our remote teaching badge to enable state of the art teaching and learning approaches to this extraordinary situation that grips us. Faculty have worked hard to provide a full range of course modalities for students this fall in collaboration with their department chairs and deans. Faculty assignment will be based on the instructional and research needs of the respective unit with a student-centered approach at the core of unit decision-making. Our priority is timely graduation for all our students. Faculty may work on campus or remotely, depending on student and research needs and in consultation with unit supervisors.


Our professional staff, like students and our faculty, have significant family responsibilities that must be addressed. We thank our staff for their continuing ability to get much done under difficult circumstances. Most of the professional staff will continue to work remotely through at least August 8, 2020. We ask supervisors to work with their teams in the coming weeks to determine which members of the staff perform functions that will require their physical presence on campus this fall. Recommendations for staff to return should be submitted to their corresponding dean or vice president for approval. Those who can work from home should continue doing so. Supervisors are encouraged to accommodate those who self-disclose a health vulnerability associated with COVID-19 or who live with someone who has such a vulnerability, so that they can continue working remotely.

To facilitate this process, Provost Furton and Human Resources Vice President El pagnier Hudson are developing a new remote work policy. Please look for more details in the coming weeks. Also, please review the COVID-19 Emergency Policy, which may be useful for faculty and staff challenged with leave balances.


On-campus and off-campus in-person events are canceled or postponed through at least August 24, 2020, unless they are mission critical to student success. Proposed in-person events must be linked to student learning and/or safety and health-related matters. Event approval requests must be submitted to the Division of External Relations, Strategic Communications and Marketing.

This year, more than ever, I am proud of the spirit that has galvanized our work and with the collaboration that vibrates through our community. Our passion for student success and helping our community is real and every day more important to sustaining the moral and spiritual backbone that holds us together. To endure and prosper, we must stay calm, have clarity and intentionality, keep our flexibility and be even more creative. And these days, a good deal of patience is ever more necessary. Stay safe — undoubtedly more information will soon be upon us!

Thank you.

Mark B. Rosenberg

More Information & Resources

Fall 2020 – Know Your Dates. Click Here

The libraries are open by appointment.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Physical books can be requested for contactless pickup. Click here for details.
  • FIU students may reserve a seat or computer at the library for a two-hour block at At the reserved time, students will check in to the library with their Panther ID and confirmation email.
  • A limited number of laptops and hotspots are available for students. To make a request, students should fill out this form.
  • Need a library guide created for your course? View sample guides.
  • Ask Us @ FIU Libraries continues to be available seven days a week, including evening hours. Librarians are available all week on the FIU Libraries’ chat service to answer your questions immediately.  Click here to chat with a librarian.
  • Stay tuned to our Remote Services page for the latest library news.


Updates with Students- Mtg with the Dean | Wednesday, October 7 at 1:00 p.m

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 992 9429 7679
Passcode: 6vwz^7

Student Financial Aid Options: Students aid may include multiple sources of funding

  • FIU Aid:
    • FIUStrong: If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and need financial assistance
    • Student Emergency Aid through MyFIU
      • Select “Student Tools”
      • Select “Student E-Forms”
      • Select: “Office of Scholarships”
      • Select “Emergency Aid Request Form”
      • Complete the questionnaire.
      • The Emergency Aid Team –
  • Federal Aid:
    • CARES Act: FIU students whose lives and education have been affected by the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus pandemic are now able to apply for emergency cash grants. The emergency grants will be funded by the federal government through a $19 million Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocation FIU has received for student financial aid.
    • The aid will be awarded based on demonstrated need and will provide funds for students to use towards eligible expenses under a student’s cost of attendance, including food, housing, course materials, technology, health care and childcare. Students also must meet the following criteria:
  • Are currently enrolled in a degree program.
  • Have filed a 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not completed a FAFSA, you still have time.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Do not owe a refund for any federal student aid and are not in default on federal student loans.
  • Are a U.S. citizen or other Title IV eligible noncitizen.

The application is now available at

Resources to help fund next semester’s tuition

  • Advising online: Please reach out to your advisors to schedule your appointments. To ensure that students are able to continue making academic progress, all fully online classes in Summer B, beginning on June 22, will continue as previously scheduled while Summer B face-to-face lecture classes and labs will be offered remotely.
  • Handshake : Career counseling appointments, job postings, resumes, interviews and more – log in to schedule your Zoom appointment with:
      • John Sotham
        Career Development Coordinator, School of Communication + Journalism
      • Ashley Rizzotto
        Career Specialist, Assistant Director for Fine Arts, Art History, Theater, & Music
  • Online Tutoring : via Zoom
  • Laptop Assistance
  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore – Barnes & Noble on-campus bookstores remain closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they are fully operational for online orders at Barnes & Noble is offering FREE shipping on all purchases within the United States. As always, e-books, digital materials, used and new textbooks for rent and sale are available. For book rentals, a FREE return shipping label will be included. Additionally, Barnes & Noble stores at FIU continue to offer school supplies and FIU merchandise. The dedicated FIU Barnes & Noble staff continues to ensure accessibility and affordability of course materials. Any questions may be addressed directly to Barnes & Noble at FIU via email: or by phone: 305-348-3923.

Textbook and instructional materials adoptions for Fall 2020 must be submitted via the new Adoptions & Insights Portal (AIP) at by the institutional deadline of July 3, 2020. For any questions or concerns on textbook adoptions and affordability options in general, please contact the Chair of the Textbook Affordability Task Force, Gitta Montoto, at

If you’re an international student, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars

CARTA CARES: We are here to help

Faculty and Staff Meeting | 9/17/2020 9am

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 921 0564 4145

Passcode: cj0YJ0

For complete University updates, please visit for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Learning

1- How do I review the advising notes?

Log into MyFIU > click on Academic Advising  > click on Success Network > go to Panther Success  Network > choose Reports.

2- How do I schedule an appointment to meet with my advisor?

Log into MyFIU > click on Academic Advising> click on Success Network > go to Panther Success Network > choose Schedule an appointment.

3- What is the difference between remote and online courses?

Remote courses are those that were originally to be offered face-to-face and have transitioned to an online environment and may require scheduled class times. Online courses are usually created and designed for specific programs, have more flexibility and require students to be self-motivated.

4- Why do I still have to pay fees while learning remotely?

At FIU, we understand that many of our students and their families have been impacted by job loss and other economic and personal challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you have asked why certain fees are still being charged while the university is learning and working remotely. We hope the explanations below help clarify.

Parking fee: FIU is reducing the student parking fee (formally known as the Transportation Access fee) by $50 for the summer term. The parking fee helps pay for the garages, which cannot be built using states dollars, and covers costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

Distance Learning fee: There is no Distance Learning fee associated with classes being taught remotely because of the pandemic. These classes were designed originally to be taught face-to-face and are now being delivered remotely to allow students to continue their studies from home. Many of the remote classes may still have students and faculty meeting via videoconferencing on specific days and times. A Distance Learning fee of $30 per credit is assessed only for online courses, which are courses that are designed and developed specifically to be delivered online. Faculty designing the courses leverage dedicated online instructional designers and educational technologies reserved for fully online courses. These classes can access the course 24/7. The Distance Learning fee funds the infrastructure and team that helps deliver these courses.

Student Health fee:  These funds pay for several services that have remained open, continue to assist students remotely and provided virtual engagement opportunities such as Student Health Clinic, Counseling and Psychological Services, Victim Empowerment Program, Disability Resource Center, and Healthy Living Program. If you need assistance, please call for an appointment. For a telehealth appointment, please call 305-348-8385 for MMC and 305-919-560 for BBC. For the safety and welfare of all, please call ahead. The on-campus pharmacy is also open. Please call 305-348-0276 to refill or transfer your prescription.

Athletics fee: Even though all athletic programs have been suspended temporarily in accordance with NCAA rules, there are significant fixed costs associated with the maintenance of our sports facilities. At FIU, we typically do not have athletic events during the summer, but want our fields and courts to be ready for students as soon as we resume campus activities.

Activity fee: This fee supports the Graham and Wolfe centers, and Wellness and Recreation Centers and funds student organizations, campus life and helps pay costs that the university is required to pay even though students are learning remotely. During this time, programing such as virtual fitness classes, Life Skills Series, Club Fair, Greek Information Sessions and special speakers are facilitated through this fee.

Materials and Supplies/Equipment Use fees: Fees for course materials and supplies and equipment usage are not being charged.

Revenue Shortfall: While some university expenses may be lower while we are learning and working from home, revenues that are used to keep fees low — facility rentals, food sales and other activities – have disappeared. Reduced revenues and additional expenses associated with COVID-19 are expected to create a shortfall greater than the $19 million FIU is set to receive in CARES Act funding. We must find ways to strike a balance in this new normal.

5- Will the same P/NC grade change policy be offered for the summer term?

As of now, this option was only offered in Spring 2020.

6- For remote learning courses, will Zoom meetings be offered during scheduled class time and is it mandatory to attend?

The temporary approved remoted modality has the expectation of synchronous meetings as scheduled in PantherSoft. Attendance is required.

For FIU’s FAQs, please click here.

Virtual Events

Past Messages Archive

Dear CARTA Colleagues,

With a commitment to providing our students with a safe and appropriate learning environment for the discipline’s requirements, this Fall, CARTA is offering 861 course sections that have over 19,000 instances of student enrollment. Of these courses, 88% are being offered off-campus (20% fully-online and 68% synchronous remote) with 96% of our student instances of enrollment in courses that do not meet on campus.

On Monday, September 14, 666 CARTA students began attending in-person or hybrid courses as part of the university’s Delayed On-Campus Start (DOCS): 342 of these students are taking courses in the visual and performing arts and 324 students are attending courses in the Department of Communication.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for your unwavering commitment to our students’ success and our communities’ safety. As a college composed of communicators and creative problem-solvers, I’m very proud that CARTA has been able to pivot successfully to a primarily remote teaching, learning, engagement, and work environment with strategically targeted course offerings on campus – providing our students with meaningful opportunities to continue their studies and pursue their career goals.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

Dear CARTA family,

It’s been quite a roller-coaster week of emotions. Troublingly, the number of positive cases of COVID 19 continued to spike in South Florida. Thankfully, Hurricane Isaias, which was predicted to make landfall in South Florida, just skirted the coast. And, joyfully, our resilient Summer 2020 class virtually walked the FIU commencement stage this Sunday earning their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Congratulations on your hard work and your perseverance!

I am also very pleased to share with you that three of our CARTA colleagues have been recognized with FIU Faculty Provost Awards for their remarkable work this past year.

Ebru, Katie, and Lidu will be recognized later this Fall in a formal ceremony. Please join me in congratulating them on their accomplishments!

As you know, our CARTA faculty and staff’s commitment to our students’ success each and every day cannot be overstated. One such recent example is the University’s 2020 Ignite Faculty + Staff Giving Campaign. (All of the donated funds are in support of our students’ success.) I am proud to report that we, as a College, achieved an 81% participation rate – a 9% increase over the previous year and an all-time high for the college. Your generosity in support of our students is greatly appreciated!

CARTA students, with the Fall semester beginning in just three weeks on August 24, I encourage you to contact your academic advisor and to select your courses if you have not done so already. Please visit regularly for updates on all Fall course offerings, and if have any questions on the four learning modalities being offered this fall – in-person, hybrid, synchronous remote, and fully online – you can click here. Please know, everyone’s safety in pursuit of your timely graduation remains our primary concern.

In closing, I hope you enjoy reading this week’s CARTA Dean’s Newsletter and learning more about our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. I also encourage everyone to continue taking all safety precautions, including wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing, and washing your hands regularly. I and many others have correctly noted that our CARTA faculty, staff, and students are creative, dedicated, compassionate, and resilient problem-solvers. These traits continue to serve us well during these challenging times
Stay positive. Stay attentive. Stay united.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

Dear CARTA family,

As the fall semester quickly approaches, I want to remind you all of a few key updates regarding the upcoming term.

Enrollment for Fall 2020 is now open. Students can enroll for classes by logging in to The university will be offering four modalities for fall – in-person, hybrid, remote and fully online. CARTA’s current fall schedule is 80% synchronous remote or online and 20% face-to-face or hybrid. Here are additional details on ways classes will be offered.

Starting July 1, students were able to check their class schedule and view updated information on how classes are being offered for fall on their MyFIU portals. I encourage each student to continuously check MyFIU for updates on their courses, as changes may be made up until classes begin.

For our international students, I am glad to share that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) rescinded the new guidelines announced on July 6 concerning the number of online courses that international students may take to remain in status for Fall 2020. Please continue to check the Office of International Student & Scholar Services(ISSS) for more updates.

Also, any students with further concerns related to the fall term, coronavirus or repopulating campus, can check our CARTA CARES website for the latest updates or join me and Dr. Lilia Silverio-Minaya, assistant dean of students for our weekly Q&A sessions. FIU has also developed where students can submit their questions directly to Charlie Andrews, assistant vice president for Academic and Career Success, or browse through already submitted questions as well. I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy!

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

Jul 7, 2020

Dear CARTA family,

I hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend and a great start to our Early Fall semester at FIU.

It is with great pride that I get to share that Mirta Gómez Del Valle and Eduardo Del Valle, two faculty members from the Department of Art + Art History, have been appointed Professor Emeritus in the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts.

Mirta and Eduardo have both given over 30 years of distinguished service to the university and were recognized as Top Scholars in 2014 by President Rosenberg. They are the recipients of numerous awards and artist’s fellowships – including the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation – for their photography work. Their work is widely shown internationally and is in the permanent collections of many museums including the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I am honored to be able to welcome both Mirta and Eduardo into FIU’s Emeritus Circle.

I am also proud to share that the Miami Herald has partnered with our Department of Journalism + Media to offer internship credit to undergraduate journalism students as they cover local news all across South Florida as part of their curriculum.

As the Fall semester quickly approaches, students will have the option to choose which class format suits them best in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our FIU community. Learn more here about the different class modalities being offered this fall.

Please continue to stay safe and remember to use face coverings when going out, wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

Jun 9, 2020

Dear CARTA family,

I hope that even in the face of these trying circumstances, this message finds each and every one of you safe and healthy.

If you are able, I ask that you please consider supporting the FIU Strong fund and designating a gift to the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts. Your donation will go to making sure that deserving CARTA students impacted by COVID 19 receive assistance.

Brian Schriner

May 27, 2020

Dear CARTA family,

While we are preparing to welcome students back in the fall, we are being careful and are acknowledging that South Florida is the state’s COVID-19 epicenter. What we do know with certainty is that physical distancing, face coverings and other mitigation measures will be part of our proposed three-phase plan, Panthers Protecting Panthers, with students returning to campus in phase three. This plan will be presented to the Florida Board of Governors on June 23. Click here to read more about the plan.

And while we continue to work and learn remotely, our CARTA colleagues continue to provide many points of pride for FIU. For example, four of our CARTA faculty colleagues’ work were acknowledged with 2020 CARTA Faculty Awards in recognition for their excellent work in teaching, research or service. CARTA students who partook in the Environmental Protection Agency’s eighth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge earned first place out of 50 participating teams. And, one of our very own Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator fellows has been using her Ratcliffe project to help protect the community by creating face masks for the public.

As always, it is a great honor to serve as Dean for CARTA. I invite you all to read about the many prideful initiatives, events and work coming out of our college. And, if you have not yet participated in the annual CARTA Faculty + Staff Ignite Campaign or would like to support our COVID 19 CARTA CARES fund, or the FIU Strong fund, I ask that you consider making a contribution today. To make your tax-deductible donation, click here.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

May 12, 2020

Dear CARTA family,

I would like to congratulate all of our College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) spring 2020 graduates on their achievements this semester. Even when met with unprecedented circumstances, you were able to persevere and overcome the challenges presented to you. I hope you were all able to celebrate this momentous occasion with us during the virtual commencement ceremony that took place on May 8th.

I would also like to remind students that registration for summer A is now open and classes begin May 11th. All classes for summer A, B and C will be held remotely. To register for your classes, visit MyFIU and check in with your academic advisor regularly.

Even during a time that has proved to be difficult for many, CARTA has been able to exhibit many points of pride. FIU’s South Florida Media Network won top honors for its coronavirus series Pandemic Profiles and the work of our Department of Art + Art History faculty and alumni was showcased in the feature piece, The art of serenity: landscape paintings to calm our souls to celebrate the peace and joy that art can bring during these times.

While we continue to work and learn remotely, I encourage you all to continue sharing your virtual commencement photos, virtual workspaces, projects and achievements with us by tagging @fiuCARTA on social media.

Congratulations Spring Class of 2020!

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

April 8, 2020

Dear CARTA family,

I, along with CARTA faculty, staff and board members, am looking forward to celebrating our students’ achievements with their family and friends on May 8th at 10 a.m. in our CARTA Virtual Commencement Ceremony.

Congratulations Spring Class of 2020!

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

April 14, 2020

Dear Students, Colleagues, Alumni, Board Members, and Friends,

As we complete our initial month of learning and working remotely, all of us have had to quickly adapt to new routines, adjust to new personal and professional norms, and wrestle with the increasing anxieties of a still uncertain future.

Throughout these challenges, I’m personally comforted by the core messages of Passover, Easter, and Ramadan (all observed this month) and their powerful reminders of the importance of self-reflection, empathy for others, and hope for the future.

I hope as you read this week’s newsletter and the various activities of the College’s students, faculty, and staff, you, too, will be inspired by their untiring leadership, moving selflessness, and enterprising drive.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

March 31, 2020

Dear Students, Colleagues, Alumni, Board Members, and Friends,

Momentous, but necessary, changes in our daily routines in order to protect the health of our loved ones and members of our community have disrupted, well, just about everything and everyone.

It is that sense of “everyone” that I would ask you to think about this coming week.

You are not alone. I am not alone. We are not alone. Everyone is in this together. We need each other. We cannot forget that.

As you read this week’s newsletter, I know you will share my pride and appreciation for our CARTA students, faculty, and administrators  — all innovators and creative problem-solvers who understand and appreciate the privilege of being part of a larger community. Working together for a greater good, they have taken the initiative to support one another and to give back to our community.

They have willingly and selflessly embraced the true meaning of the phrase, “Everyone is in this together.”

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner

Dear Friends of CARTA,

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones well, safe, and practicing physical distancing.

As we navigate together through these unchartered waters, we have great faith that we will emerge stronger and closer to one another than ever before. With this thought in mind, it is our pleasure to share a recent message from FIU President Rosenberg, one that our faculty and staff found inspiring. Click here for his thoughtful message.

As we are thinking of all of you – our alumni, board members, donors, and volunteers – we hope President Rosenberg’s thoughts and invitation to contact him will also leave you inspired and motivated to continue in all of your valuable pursuits. While this is a very difficult time, it is also an extraordinary time to reassess our priorities and goals for an even brighter future.

In closing, we invite you to visit for updates. On behalf of everyone at CARTA, we send our very best wishes and appreciation for your continued support. Stay healthy, strong, and safe!

Brian Schriner

Oliver Ionita
Senior Director of Development


Dear CARTA Students,

We recognize these are very uncharted territories for all of us.

The University continues to be fully operational, while not on campus. This is a compilation of resources for you to consider should you be facing any difficulties.

  • CARTA Office of Student Services remains available to you for academic advising through Zoom and telephone appointments. You can visit us at for more information. Please see below for department specific resource to get in touch with your academic advisors:
    • School of Architecture: contact
    • Department of Art + Art History: Email Maida Purdy and Maria Parrilla.
    • School of Music and Department of Theatre: Email Gerry Suarez.
    • School of Communication and Journalism + Media send an email to
      • Communication Arts: Call 305-348-1255 and an appointment will be scheduled for them with an advisor.
    • The FIU Student Health Clinics are only seeing student by appointment only. Please call 305-348-8385 to schedule an appointment. For additional information, you can also visit their website.
  • All of the healthy living program and Counseling and Psychological (CAPS) services are available remotely. The Student Health Clinic is available in person (prior appointment is required). They are also providing certain services remotely. You can reach them at call 305-348-2277 and leave a message for a call back. Voicemails are being checked every 5-10 minutes, or visit their website for more information.
  • The Disability Resource Center continues to be available to provide support and facilitate services remotely. Visit their website for general information about services during this time. Please call 305-348-3532 or email for the MMC campus and for BBC.
  • The University’s Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of the Ombudsperson are meeting with students through phone or zoom appointments as well. Students/faculty/staff/ can to request a meeting with the Dean of Students or they can email to schedule an appointment with the Ombuds.

We encourage you to review the information above and to continue practicing social and physical distancing to keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe. Please act to break the chain of transmission, as older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19. Please continue to monitor the FIU homepage for virus updates,, as well as the Center For Disease Control and Prevention,

We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Brian Schriner

Lilia Silverio-Minaya
Assistant Dean of Students

Dear CARTA Colleagues and Friends,

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times and facing unique challenges. The decisions we make — or those that we fail to make – will, most likely, have lasting consequences.

As I meet with colleagues and students, I’m often reminded of Desmond Tutu’s words:

“A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly.”

Think about that for just a moment. What choices are we making? As a university? As a college? As individuals?

The coronavirus, which just a few weeks ago was primarily viewed as an overseas event, has quickly become a worldwide pandemic with hourly “breaking news” stories, updates, and policy announcements that directly impact our professional and personal lives. We are learning and working remotely, self-isolating, and practicing social distancing (a new term to many of us). We are doing our best to adjust to K-12 closings, the suspension or cancellation of scholastic, collegiate, and professional athletics, and, of course, the shortages of key goods and services.

Understandably, our navigating such unchartered waters brings new levels of anxiety, uncertainty, and even a sense of fear, especially when thinking about the health of our families, friends, and colleagues.

I want to assure you that our university remains fully operational and committed to your safety and continued success. The recent decision to extend remote instruction through the Spring semester is being made out of an abundance of caution and is designed to mitigate the possible transmission and spread of the virus. Please continue to practice social distancing and to keep you and your family safe.

There are many reasons I am proud to be an FIU Panther and grateful and honored to serve as Dean of CARTA, but never more so than these past few weeks. During these very trying times, the work of our university leadership team, our college faculty and professional staff, our students, our board members, and our patrons has been without question or exception, a determined, team effort, all looking out for one another and focused on doing well. All are to be commended for, as Tutu offered us, taking “the opportunity to choose well.”

What I do know for certain is that we will emerge stronger. And, that during these challenging times we will view difficulties as opportunities. We will develop innovative ways of learning and we will develop new best practices for working and learning remotely – all of which, will benefit us in the future. And, I know for certain that CARTA will be leading the way, as we have since the College’s inception.

In the Spirit of the Blue + Gold,

Brian Schriner


Good afternoon,

FIU’s BBC Career Expo on March 26 and all other in-person career counseling sessions have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The decision has been made out of an abundance of caution with the health and well-being of our guests and community in mind.

Career Development and Coaching
Career and Talent development will be modifying programming and services over the next two weeks as per Governor DeSantis and President Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg.

We are pleased to announce that career coaching appointments will be available virtually or over the phone. While this option has always been available to FIU students, until further notice this will be the best way to meet with your career coach. To request an appointment, log in to your Handshake account at, select Career Center on the upper right corner and pick a date and time that works for you.

Some career development sessions that were to be part of March 17th’s Career Boot Camp will be offered remotely through Handshake.

You may also reach out to the below CARTA career advisors for Career Development appointments:

John Sotham
Career Development Coordinator, School of Communication + Journalism

Ashley Rizzotto
Career Specialist, Assistant Director for Fine Arts, Art History, Theater, & Music
Log in to Handshake under the Career Center tab to schedule an appointment with Ashley via phone or Zoom.

We appreciate your understanding and will keep our CARTA community informed in as timely a manner as possible.

For additional information, please visit CARTA’s homepage or the FIU Coronavirus Update page.

Good afternoon,

FIU has canceled or postponed all on and off-campus events scheduled through April 4 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The decision has been made out of an abundance of caution with the health and well-being of our guests and community in mind. We hope to have new dates for some events soon.

We appreciate your understanding and will keep our CARTA community informed in as timely a manner as possible.

For additional information, please visit CARTA’s homepage or the FIU Coronavirus Update page.