Digitizing Solutions to Rising Seas

Dozens of students and faculty from FIU’s Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media and eyesontherise.org helped to organize and work the Sea Level Solution Center’s Sea Level Solution Day in Miami-Dade County on Oct. 16.

Using the School of Communication + Journalism’s Sea Level Rise Toolkit (eyesontherise.org/app) to collect and analyze flooding during that weekend’s King Tides, students and citizens gathered throughout Miami to capture the effects of the region’s changing environments. Student video crews and citizens worked the day before, as well, to capture images of flooding.

The eyesontherise.org team — Robert Gutsche, Jr., Susan Jacobson, Kate MacMillin, Juliet Pinto in the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media — also organized a citizen science event at Marine Stadium on Oct. 16 as part of the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival to feature the Toolkit and to showcase what students are doing to tell stories of rising seas.

But this is just part of what faculty and students are doing in the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media to communicate environmental change. Their work includes documentaries, coding, research, virtual reality, and community engagement. Visit eyesontherise.org (eyesontherise.org) for more.